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AD 1441-1584?

De Villars (also De Vilers)

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on De Carpentier

Child of
? de Villars (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 15 generations back)

jonkheer Jan de Villars
(blood-relationship 0,003 %)
* ? x dame Nicole de Noyelles + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
jonkheer Jan de Villars (?-?)
and dame Nicole de Noyelles (?-?)

(See 14 generations back)

Jan de Villars "the Elder"
* ? + ?
Jan (the elder) became "hooch-bailiu" in Mesen, Flanders, through the recommendation of Madame de Poix, Prioress of the Mesen Convent, a cousin of his mother Nicole de Noyelles.

Jan de Villars "the Younger"
(blood-relationship 0,006 %)
* 1480 x Marie van Mijzele + ?
Jan lived at the time when Robert de la Marche was waging war against the Prince of Chimay. At the Chimay court, the younger Jan was a "domesticq edelman" (a young nobleman in the service of the Prince). The war ended in a peace treaty, part of which was that the Prince's sister had to marry Robert de la Marche. The not so happy bride-to-be arranged that Jan de Villars went with her and would serve her in her new, unfriendly home. Jan went with her to the court of Robert de la Marche, but after some time, seeing the continuous tension between the newly-weds, he asked permission to leave which was finally granted. He went to his brother Jan "the Elder" in Mesen, where he entered the service of the Abbess. After a while, he married a widow, Marie van Mijzele, formerly the wife of Jan Beutack.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Jan de Villars (the younger) (1480-?)
and Marie van Mijzele (?-?)

(See 13 generations back)

1. Grietjen de Villars
* ? + ?

2. Anthonie de Villars
* ? + ?

3. Isabella (Isabeele) de Villars
(blood-relationship 0,012 %)
* 1512? x Jan de Carpentier + 1584?
For her descendants see the page on De Carpentier.

4. Antoine de Villars
* ? + ?

5. Marie de Villars
* ? + ?

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