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AD 1750?-Present


For our own generation, which is descended from this family:
see page on Van der Voort

The name Zeilmaker means "sailmaker", which indeed was the profession of the earliest known member of this family. The information on our ancestors before our third great-grandfather Hendrik was provided by Dr. D.A. Zeilmaker of Harlingen (no relation) who has done research on all Zeilmakers. The oldest known hometown of our Zeilmaker ancestors is Zwartsluis, a small 16th century fortified town in the Province of Overijssel, near the former Zuiderzee.
Apart from the known Zeilmakers in our family tree, there is one more who also must have been closely related, but we do not yet know how exactly. Aaltje Zeilmaker, born in 1814 in Zwartsluis, married Klaas Eises van Ossenbruggen, who was born in Oudeschoot in 1812. Aaltje may well have been a sister of Hendrik Wichers Zeilmaker, born on 1-7-1812 in Zwartsluis, who married Hendrikje van Ossenbrugge on 6-7-1836 in Schoterland. (This information was provided by Lenie van der Valk, visit her homepage)

Child of
? Anthoni ? (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 7 generations back)

Lubbert Hendrik Anthoni
(blood-relationship 0,78 %)
* ? (Zwartsluis) x Egberta ? (around 1775) + ?
Occupation: sailmaker in Zwartsluis, who himself did not use Zeilmaker as a family name.

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Lubbert Hendrik Anthoni (?-?)
and Egberta ? (?-?)

(See 6 generations back)

Wicher Lubberts Anthoni Zeilmaker
(blood-relationship 1,56 %)
* 1777 (Zwartsluis) x Hermina Kiers (around 1810) + 1851 (Zwartsluis)
Occupation: sailmaker in Zwartsluis, who first used the family name Anthoni, but later began using Zeilmaker as a family name.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Wicher Lubberts Anthoni Zeilmaker (1777-1851)
and Hermina Kiers (?-?)

(See 5 generations back)

1. Hendrik Wichers Zeilmaker (See portrait and newspaper article)
(blood-relationship 3,125 %)
* 1-7-1812 (Zwartsluis) x I. Hendrikje van Ossenbrugge (Schoterland 6-7-1836) II. Antje Visser (Sneek 20-6-1867) + 28-2-1905 (Sneek)
Occupation: teacher from 1882, headteacher in Sneek from 10-4-1836 until 22-8-1878; and from 24-8-1878 until 1-1-1901 "gemeente-ontvanger" (local tax collector) in Sneek, which was an unusual carreer-move. He was made an honorary member of the Dutch Bible Society (in 1841) and of the Dutch Society of Teachers.

2. Leuntje Zeilmaker
* 7-10-1822 (Zwartsluis) + 2-3-1894 (Sneek)
Occupation: Leuntje, who never married, moved around quite a lot. In 1850 she was housekeeper for silversmith Johannes Schijfsma in Sneek. Later she went back to Zwartsluis. In 1865 Leuntje moved again, this time from Rauwerdehem to her brother Hendrik in Sneek. In 1867 she went to Noordwolde. In 1872 she was in Dokkum, having been in Amsterdam before that, and in 1875 she moved to Leeuwarden where she went to live with the family of her nephew Willem Pieter Zeilmaker. At the time of her death she was living in Hoorn. It is probably not a coincidence that there were Van Ossenbruggens living in Hoorn, who may have been related to Leuntje's sister-in-law Hendrikje.

3. Anthonie Zeilmaker
* 28-1-1824 + ?

Children of
Hendrik Wichers Zeilmaker (1812-1905)
and Hendrikje van Ossenbrugge (1807-1890)

(See 4 generations back)

1. Wicher Zeilmaker
* 14-5-1837 + ?

2. Anthonie Pieter Zeilmaker (See portrait), (See family portrait)
(blood-relationship 6,25 %)
* 14-10-1838 (Sneek) x IJcina Camphuis (Amsterdam 4-1-1866) + 23-11-1904 (Den Haag)
Occupation: He moved from Sneek to Nieuwendam in the province of North-Holland in 1858, and became headteacher of a primary school and church organist in Alkmaar. On 4-2-1904 he and his wife moved to The Hague, where he died nine months later.

3. Herman Zeilmaker
* 17-11-1840 (Sneek) + 14-11-1870 (Grosthuizen)
Occupation: headteacher of a primary school.

4. Elisabeth Zeilmaker
* 4-12-1840 (Sneek) + 12-4-1864 (Sneek)

5. Egbertus Zeilmaker
* 2?-12-1844 (Sneek) + 2-8-1846 (Sneek)

6. Egbertus Zeilmaker
* 29-5-1849 (Sneek) + 11-8-1876 (Sneek)
Occupation: teacher at a primary school. He moved to Doetinchem in June 1868, and returned to Sneek in 1875, where he died the following year.

7. Willem Pieter Zeilmaker
* 15-6-1852 (Sneek) + ?

Child of
Anthonie Pieter Zeilmaker (1838-1904)
and IJcina Camphuis (1840-1929)

(See 3 generations back)

Hendrik Willem Zeilmaker (See portrait 1), (See portrait 2)
(blood-relationship 12,5 %)
* 1867 x Hendrika Alida van Horssen + 1896 (Hengelo?)
Occupation: chief-bookkeeper at Stork metalworks in Hengelo, until his death at the age of only 29. He died of pneumonia, contracted at the funeral of one of his assistants where he had to make a speech, while already suffering from a severe cold.

(No other children by Hendrik Willem Zeilmaker)

Child of
Hendrik Willem Zeilmaker (1867-1896)
and Hendrika Alida van Horssen (1869-1955)

(See 2 generations back)

Anthonie ("Tom") Pieter Zeilmaker (See portrait 1), (See portrait 2), (See family picture), (See portrait 3)
(blood-relationship 25 %)
* 26-5-1896 (Hengelo) x Maria Theodora Everdina Waalberg (1919) + 8-8-1977 (Leiderdorp)
Our grandfather was first raised in an orphanage after the death of his father, and later he stayed with his grandfather Anthonie Pieter Zeilmaker in Alkmaar until Hendrika remarried. He joined the Merchant Navy and became (first) officer on the great oceanliners of the "Rotterdamse Lloyd". Because of an injury to his leg by a steel cable that had snapped during a storm he had to retire before reaching the rank of captain and the command of a ship that he had expected. Early in the Second World War his ship was seized by the German Kriegsmarine off the coast of France and its crew, including our grandfather, were put in a prisoners of war camp in Loréans, his family not knowing what had happened. Fortunately, he was released a couple of months later. Our grandfather loved constructing useful things of wood and other materials, and he was a gifted amateur musician. (I like to think that I inherited a little of his talents, but for one thing, my grandfather possessed perfect pitch and I don't.) He died in the St. Elisabeth hospital in Leiderdorp at the age of 81.

Children of
Anthonie Pieter Zeilmaker (1896-1977)
and Maria Theodora Everdina Waalberg (1890-1982)

(See 1 generation back)

1. Sonja ("Son") Hendrika Zeilmaker
* 5-10-1920 (Den Haag) x Hans Drost (1945)
Occupation: teacher at a primary school. After the Second World War she went to the Dutch East Indies, and after Indonesian independence emigrated to Australia (Brisbane). Our aunt and her husband, who has a degree in tropical agriculture, started an agriculture farm and boarding kennels for pet dogs and cats. The kennels were a great success, and this became their main occupation. Later our aunt earned a degree in psychology.

2. Dorothea ("Dory") Zeilmaker
(blood-relationship 50 %)
* 18-06-1924 (Den Haag), x Arnold Asuerus van der Voort (Wassenaar, 14-8-1947)
Occupation: librarian, first in Leiden, and after raising us, her children, she went to work part-time in the Wassenaar Public Library, from where she managed the book collections in Wassenaar's homes for the elderly.
For her descendants see the page on Van der Voort

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