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List of new and updated files
(All updates from 11 September 1999, excluding minor additions and corrections, which are uploaded regularly)

(Website first uploaded on 12 February 1999 to Gironet, migrated to Planet Internet on 18 September 1999)

Last Updated 18 June 2004:
Gelre (Pont) (added)

Last Updated 16 May 2004:
Cornelis (added)

Last updated 10 May 2004:
Bargerink (added)
Ter Bouwman (added)
Cornelissen (added)

Last updated 7 May 2004:
Hollé (added)
Gosens (added)
Verstrate (added)
Willems (from Hoorn) (added)
Zegers (added)

Last updated 6 May 2004:
Blanken (data added)
Goossens (added)
Rijsewijk (added)
Siebrand (data added)
Stoel (data added)

Last updated 5 May 2004:
Hartgering (data added)
Titsingh (data added)
Van Beek (added)
Beentjes (added)
Jans (added)
Rens (added)
Smit (added)
Van Steenbergen (added)

Last updated 1 November 2003:
Zeilmaker (data added)

Last updated 20 December 2002:

Van Brederode (picture added)
Knaap (picture added)
Metman (data and pictures added)
Van Rossum (data and pictures added)
Rauws (data and picture added)
Verweij (data and pictures added)
Van der Voort (data and pictures added)

Last updated 11 August 2001:
"Piast" Kings of Poland (added)

Last updated 26 July 2001:

Alsace, "Etichonid" Dukes of (data added)
Van Beveren (added)
De Boves (De Coucy) (data added)
Holland, Counts of (data added)
Flanders, Counts of (data added)
d'Orbais (added)

Last updated 22 July 2001:

De Brienne (added)

Last updated 21 July 2001:

Berthout (of Grimbergen, of Mechelen) (added)
Metz (data added)

Last updated 18 July 2001:

Van Brederode (data added)
Chiny (data added)
Van Cuyk (data added)
Gelre, Counts (Dukes) of (data added)
Jülich (Gulik) (data added)
Looz (-Rieneck and Chiny), Counts of (data added)
Luxembourg / Limburg, Counts (Dukes) of (data added)
Saffenberg (data added, now includes Van der Marck)
Werl-Arnsberg, Counts of (data added)

Last updated 11 July 2001:

De Haert (added)
Van Wolfferen (also Van Wolveren) (added)

Last updated 10 July 2001:

Hendricks (from Arnhem) (added)
Zwartkruis (data added)

Last updated 8 July 2001:

Brabant, Dukes of (data added)

Last updated 20 June 2001:

My harpsichord (downloadable wave-file added. Please note: size is 845 Kb!)

Adriaans (added)

Last updated 18 June 2001:

"Canmore" Kings of Scotland (added)
Dircks (added)
Franszen (added)
Fredericks (also Frericx and Fredericksen) (added)
Introduction to Chapter Genealogy (new thoughts added)
Van Overeem (data added)
Wittelsbach (data added)

Last updated 11 May 2001:

Arnstein (added)
De Baudement (added)
Erckelens (added)
Ten Hage (data and corrections added)
Tielmans (added)
Zimmern (added)

Last updated 1 March 2001:

Kirburg (added)
Saarbrücken, Counts of (data added)

Last updated 28 February 2001:

"Capet" Kings of France (data added)
De Courtenay (added)

Last updated 22 February 2001:

Sayn (data added)
Sponheim (also Heinsberg), Counts of (data added)
Vianden, Counts of (data added)

Last updated 18 February 2001:

Van Are (Ahr-Hostaden) (added)
d'Ath (added)
Blieskastel, Counts of (added)
Hochstaden (added)
Van Hougaerde (added)
Kleve (Cleves), Counts of (also Heinsberg-Valkenburg) (added)
De Montaigu (added)
De Montlhéry (added)
Van Oudenaerde (added)
Van Peteghem en Eine (data added, replaces De Mortagne)
De Réthel (added)
De Rosoy (de Rozoy) (added)
De Rumigny (added)

Last updated 16 January 2001:

Bruyns (added)
Nier (data added)

Last updated 29 November 2000:

Kwaadakker (data added)
Mook (data added)
Ritmeester (data added)
Siebrand (data added)

Last updated 9 September 2000:

Schokland picture gallery (added)

Last updated 8 September 2000:

Van den Berghe (added)
Heinsberg (added)
Koridon (also Coridon and Korridon) (data added)

Updated 4 September 2000:

Design improved of all remaining "old-style" family-pages

Last updated 29 August 2000:

Bakelaar (also Baeckelaer) (data added)
Camphuis (data added)
De Graaf (from Haarlem) (added)
Grimmers (added)
Houck (added)
Maseyck (added)
De Pottre (added)
Van Rixtel (added)
Sameijn (added)
Serruys (added)
Van der Vos (added)

Last updated 16 August 2000:

Van Dongen (data added)
Roos (data added)
Verhagen (data added)

Last updated 4 August 2000:

Bex (added)
Blankaard (added)
Bouwens (added)
De Bruin (added)
Van Elsrack (added)
Kuyskens (added)
Van Meeuwen (added)
Van Nederhoven (added)
Scouteten (added)
Van Tongerloo (added)
Van Winderbeek (added)

Last updated 30 July 2000:

Franssen (data added)
Karsten (added)
Metman (data added)

Last updated 24 July 2000:

Van Boor (added)
Gelre, Counts (Dukes) of (design improved)
Knaap (design improved)
"Liudolfings" of Saxony (design improved)
Ponthieu, Counts of (design improved)
Pritzet (replaces Marcusse)

Last updated 22 July 2000:

Blois, Counts of (design improved)
Boulogne, Counts of (design improved)
Metz, Counts of (design improved)

Last updated 21 July 2000:

"Billung" Dukes of Saxony (design improved)
Flanders (Old branch) (design improved)
Poitiers / Poitou (Aquitaine) (design improved)

Last updated 19 July 2000:

"Ardennes" Dukes of (Upper- and Lower-) Lorraine (design improved)
Namur, Counts of (design improved)

Last updated 17 July 2000:

Vermandois, Counts of (design improved)

Last pdated 16 July 2000:

De Carpentier (added)
Cornelis (added)
Crayen (added)
Godschalck (added)
Van Hecke (added)
Hellinx (added)
Huwijn (added)
Van Mijzele (added)
Van Nederhoven (added)
De Noyelles (added)
Sonnemans (data added)
De Villars (added)

Last updated 7 July 2000:

Schouwen (added)
(as well as several "generation pages")

Last updated 30 June 2000:

"Under construction" (renewed)

Last updated 1-5-2000:

Peters (data added)

Last updated 26-3-2000:

Starting page, Chapter Genealogy (reorganised)
Bar (Mousson), Counts of (added)
De Beaugency (added)
De Beaumont-sur-Oise (added)
De Coucy (added)
De Montmorency (data added)
Roucy, Counts of (data added)

Last updated 15-1-2000:

Beeltsnijder (added)
Van Breevoort (data added)
Van Diepenheim (added)
Hiddink (added)
Van Noorle (added)
Steenbergen (added)

Last updated 14-1-2000:

Avesnes, Counts of Holland and Hainaut (added)
Botter (added)
Van Dalem (also Van der Lede and Van Arkel) (added)
Van Duivenvoorde (also Van Wassenaar, Van Polanen) (added)
De Guise (added)
Van Heusden (added)
Meurs (data added)
De Mortagne (added)
Van Ochten (added)
Oemencs (added)
Van Polanen (updated)
Van Rijswijk (Old branch) (added)
Van de Wale (added)

Last updated 21-11-1999:

Boll (data added)
Holster (data added)
De Jonge (data added)
Van Loon (data added)
Van de Poll (added)
Van Rijswijk (many data added)
Rootsant (added)
Tanis (data added)

Last updated 17-11-1999:

Abberdaen (data added)
Jacobs (added)
Van Son (data added)

Last updated 16-11-1999:

Boogertman (data added, replaces "Van Goederheyde")
Jacobs (added)

Last updated 14-11-1999:

Karre (also Heerschap) (data added)
Kievit (data added)
Zuyderwerff (data added, this family is same as "Barents")

Last updated 13-11-1999:

Goekoop (picture added)
Hugues (picture added)
Van Rossum (picture added)
Verweij (picture added)

Last updated 12-11-1999:

Tromp (data added)
Waalberg (some data added)

Last updated 10-11-1999:

Alberts (data added)
Gerrits (added)
Gerritsen (added)
Gosen (data added)
Jans (added)

Last updated 7-11-1999:
Goedhard (data added)
Hartgring (data added)
Van Kesteren (added)

Last updated 5-11-1999:
Franken (added)
De Ghee (added)
Michgels (data added)
Romijn (added)
Storm (data added)

Last updated 1-11-1999:
Alberts (added)
Gosen (names added)

Last updated 26-10-1999:

Starting page, Chapter Genealogy (link to NedGen added)

Last updated 6-10-1999:

Van der Elst (added)
Le Gendre (names added)
Grebbe (names added)
Van Horssen (names added)
Laarman (data added)
Man (added)
Welters (added)
De Zoete (many names added)

Last updated 29-9-1999:

"Other Creatures" picture gallery
Black and yellow millipede


Last updated 21-9-1999:

Van der Baan (also Decker)
Van Poeteren

Last updated 11-9-1999:

De Zutter

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