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    family-picture (769K)         
Father, uncle, and the kids (70 x 60 cm, multi-linocut print, 2011)

This page displays linocut portraits of some of my colleagues.
The actual sizes are 20 x 25 cm. Most portraits are for sale. The one-colour prints
cost 40 Euro, the multi-coloured ones cost 75 Euro (excl shipping costs).
The prints are in limited editions of 20 at most.

    DrSVD-red (96K)         
Hans van Duijn
The Porous Media Man (linocut, 2015)
    linalc-red (88K)         
Jim Demmel
Dr. LAPACK (linocut, 2015)
    linalj-red (113K)         
Jan Karel Lenstra
Dr. Straight Forward (linocut, 2014)

    DrSVD-red (96K)         
Gene Golub
The Matrix Man (linocut, 2009)
    linalc-red (88K)         
Cleve Moler
The Matlab Professor (linocut, 2009)
    linalj-red (113K)         
Jack Dongarra
The Linpack Professor (linocut, 2009)
    perturbation-red (105K)         
Pete Stewart
Mr Perturbation (linocut, 2009)

    unsym-sym-red (81K)         
Beresford Parlett
Unsymmetric symmetry (linocut 2009)
    Dr. SOR-red (232K)         
David Young
Dr. SOR (linocut 2011)
    Analyse-factor-red (149K)         
Iain Duff
The Analyse-Factor-Solve Man (linocut 2010)
    waveletman-red (98K)         
Gil Strang
The Wavelet Man (linocut 2009)

    bernd-red (41K)         
Bernd Fischer
The Image Professor (linocut 2009)
    JB-red (62K)         
Jan Brandts
Dr. Mixed FE (linocut 2009)
    pseudo-red (82K)         
Nick Trefethen
Pseudospectral Prof (linocut 2009)
    mrskrylov-red (117K)         
Valeria Simoncini
Mrs. Krylov? (linocut 2009)

    DrFair-red (91K)         
Jan Modersitzki
Dr Fair (linocut 2009)
    data-red (59K)         
Dianne O'Leary
The Data Doctor (linocut 2009)
    DrKjuzet-red (102K)         
Gerard Sleijpen
Dr J.D. Kjuzet (linocut 2009)
     gmres-man-red (94K)         
Yousef Saad
The GMRES Professor (linocut, 2009)

    penalty (308K)         
Mike Powell
The Penalty Specialist (linocut 2011)
    MrIndefinite-red (99K)         
Wil Schilders
Mr Indefinite (linocut 2009)
    Cfdfellow-red (71K)         
Howard Elman
The CFD Fellow (linocut 2009)
    <gatekeeper-red (65K)         
Michiel Hochstenbach
The Gatekeeper (linocut 2009)

    bye-adbmal-red (127K)         
Zhaojun Bai
Dr Bye Adbmal (linocut 2010)
    Goodmood-red (277K)         
Eric de Sturler
Green Algebra (linocut 2010)
    Arnoldi jr-red (244K)         
Dan Sorensen
Arnoldi jr (linocut, 2011)
    waltzing-m-lady-red (98K)         
Ilse Ipsen
The Waltzing Matrix Lady (linocut 2009)

    not-a-devil-red (152K)         
Tom Manteuffel
Not a devil but a man (linocut 2010)
    more-matrix-man-red (160K)         
Volker Mehrmann
The More Matrix Man (linocut 2010)
    control-red (99K)         
Paul Vandooren
Everything under control (linocut 2009)
    galerkin-red (142K)         
Daniel Szyld
Dr Pedro Galerkin (linocut 2010)

    Pade was here (123K)         
Annie Cuyt
Pade was here (linocut 2010)
    I-DR-S-red (123K)         
Martin van Gijzen
I Dr. S (linocut 2010)
    DrBetio-red (80K)         
Alfio Quarteroni
Dr Betio Completa (linocut 2010)
    Krylov-on-Don (50K)         
Mike Bochev
Krylov on Don (linocut 2010)

    Entertainer-red (122K)         
Charles Van Loan
The Entertainer (linocut 2010)
    made-in-holland (140K)         
Margot Gerritsen
Made in Holland (linocut 2010)
    no-nonsense-red (122K)         
Tim Kelley
Professor No Nonsense (linocut 2010)
    Sunny Boy-red (121K)         
Stefaan Poedts
Sunny Boy (linocut 2010)

    mike-red (130K)         
Michael Saunders
Dr. Overdetermined (linocut 2010)
    Dr. Mondrian (140K)         
Rob Bisseling
Dr Mondrian (linocut 2010)
    The VW-driver (137K)         
Piet Wesseling
The VW-driver (linocut 2010)
    Fix-it (114K)         
Dan Boley
Dr Fix-it (linocut 2010)

    Huygens-is-my-sun-red (165K)         
Anwar Osseyran
Huygens is my son (linocut 2010)
    thediscreteman (134K)         
Jan Verwer
The Discrete Man (linocut 2011)
    WildOne (115K)         
Andrew Stuart
The Wild One (linocut 2010)
    running-red (129K)         
Joe Oliger
The running prof (linocut 2010)

    Math Tie(260K)         
Bob Mattheij
Math Tie (linocut 2011)
    Dr Acuracy (208K)         
Nick Higham
Dr A. Curacy (linocut 2011)
    he tamed the error (119K)         
Jim Wilkinson
He tamed the error (linocut 2011)
    Error Dundee (232K)         
Chris Paige
Error Dundee (linocut 2011)

    Andy-red (67K)         
Andy Wathen
The saddle point man (linocut 2009)
    krylovfun (224K)         
Henk van der Vorst
Fun in Krylov Space (linocut 2011)
    non-spectral (132K)         
Bernard Philippe
A non-spectral portrait (linocut 2010)
    blackoildiva (176K)         
Mary Wheeler
The Black Oil Diva (linocut 2012)

    boeing (220K)         
John Lewis
He helped them fly (linocut 2013)
    whereisthepivot (220K)         
Dirk Dekker
Where is the pivot? (linocut 2012)
    Grid-manager-red (87K)         
Peter Michielse
The Grid Manager (linocut 2010)
    rock-red (192K)         
Jan van Leeuwen
Solid as a rock (linocut 2011)

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