overdosis (127K)         
Overdosis (2016, 60*40 cm)

    Takecare (127K)         
Take care (2015, 68*42 cm)

    bull nagging (426K)         
Bull nagging (2013, 60*40 cm)

             I wanted to paint these cans in a very lively manner. If you look at the rather small
             images of my watercolours, then they may seem to be photorealistic, but they are not.
             In fact, they are painted in a rather rough manner, as the details of "Bull nagging" show.
             Seen from a close distance, the watercolours appear to be rather messy, but already from some
             modest distance, our brains do the work and fill all the necessary details to make it realistic.

    detail1 (103K)         
detail of Bull nagging
    detail2 (360K)         
detail of Bull nagging

    after the last supper-reduced (503K)         
After The Last Supper(2014) 4 watercolours (total): 253 cm x 47 cm

             This group of 4 watercolours was inspired by The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci:

    the last supper-reduced (503K)         
The Last Supper (Leonardo da Vinci)

    academy-red (103K)         
Fresh ideas in the Academy (2009, 47x57 cm)
    Advice (3600K)         
Advice (2011, 70*50 cm)

             In the above watercolour at the left, the old cans represent the Academy; the younger can the new generation.
             Note that the Dutch Academy awards the so-called Heineken Prizes for eminent scientific work.

     Gospel Choir (131K)     
Gospel Choir (2008)
     cherry love (225K)     
Cherry Love (2012, 49*37 cm)

             The cans are metaphores for what life does with humans. We start as young persons and youth
             is generally considered as beautiful and most of us try to maintain a glimpse of youth as
             we get older. But aging may also lead to characterful individuals, which is also beautiful,
             or interesting if you wish. We do not need complicated surgery to look like an ideal, instead we
             can view aging as a process that can show experience, character, and individuality.

     dialoog11-fruher-red (91K)     
Frueher war alles besser (2007)
fun-red (70K)     
Having fun (2008)
dialoog9-notwannalisten-red (84K)     
I do not wanna listen (2007)

     The Dance (119K)     
The Dance (2010, 52*37 cm)
     notoneofus (182K)     
Not one of us (2011, 37*45 cm)
     consult-red (91K)     
The Consult (2010)
closefriend-red (70K)     
Close friend? (2009)
dirtyman-red (84K)     
Dirty man (2010)

     dialoog10-lostbottle-red (96K)     
Lost your bottle? (2008, 45*35 cm)
observer-red (147K)     
The observer (2008)
address-red (69K)     
The address (2010, 72x48 cm)

     museum4a-red (51K)     
VDV-retrospective (C-prints, 2009)

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