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A Tribute To Sir Beer
Sir Beer,
We will never forget you for what you have meant to us and all knowing the Chow Cousins.Thanks to you the Chow Cousins' homepage was created and everybody started to learn about you, Pau Lin and Shadow.
You were a fantastic chow, with only love and always a waggling tail. Loved by the whole neighbourhood. We had a wonderful time with you and you will never be forgotten.
This special page remains a tribute to you.

Yes, this is me, Sir Beer!
That's me. Sir Beer with spectacles Yes, I was a highly socialized chow and as you can see I knew all about a good life.
My only problem was my 'so called' owner, who thought he could always joke with me.
I was a fantastic chow on earth and now I crossed the Rainbow Bridge my mission is very clear. Bringing fun and happiness to all furs!
I'm not drunk!
My Full Name;
"Beer Of The Royal Beer Family"
(Beer is Dutch for a 'bear')
Beer, a couple of weeks old Here, being 7 weeks old!
Between the teddy-bears.....(up to 3 months old)
Beer, the pup ! Beer and teddies teddy beer with blue tongue
I love the 'beer' family

Beer enjoying the Dutch beach What's Up, Beer? Beer, Fun In Garden
It's very clear...I enjoyed life!
Beer, what's the buzz? This Is Me! Beer in the garden

My Slogan:
"Knowing Me ..Is recognizing;dignity..friendship..character..dedication..forever!"
Beer, 11 years old
Sir Beer passed away on December 4, 2003 at the age of 13 years and 10 weeks. He is missed and we hope he has found peace and happiness.

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