Sir Beer: 'The Story of me !'


I’m Beer. Sir Beer! And this is the story about me and my cousin Pau Lin and his son Shadow. We are better known as the ‘Chow Cousins’. We are living in a nice house with a very kind family.

I still remember the day, only being 7 weeks old, that I made my entrance to my new home. Of course it was a strange feeling and saying a goodbye to my brother and sister. It was something like being an orphan.

The family did its best to give me that 'home-sweet-home feeling' and it’s maybe too much to say that I became spoiled.

Pau Lin

Life was one big fest and oh what a fun, until that day when Pau Lin moved into our house. I was not even two years old when that 8 weeks old fur-ball joined the pack.

He teased me with his sharp teeth and wanted to play all the time. My ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ didn’t even notice that I was not amused. Growling and once in a while careful biting him wasn’t helping much. In time it became even worse and it was clear that he wanted to play the boss over me. Oh, how soft our ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ were. When I got something, Pau Lin got the same. We were equally treated. Didn’t they realize I had the oldest rights?

I never forget that evening where Pau Lin started to fight with me. Pau Lin wasn’t even 1,5 years old. Already the whole evening he was teasing me and making warnings ‘I’ll get you!’

Pfff, horrible and it happened a second time. I’m not saying I lost, but I learned very quickly that it’s better to stay friends and take a few steps aside.

Boy, how did our ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ changed their attitude to us.

No became No and no longer; “no, maybe..”.

When Pau Lin and I made quarrels ‘dad’ started to stay between us and with a deep voice he tried to play the psycho-therapist.

 I have to admit it worked out very well and in short time Pau Lin and I became good friends. Often you could find us side by side or napping together. Only when there was something special I had to leave the mastery to Pau Lin.

The years that followed were great. We were a family in harmony.

Shadow, the third Cousin

Until………, that little blue coloured monster appeared. Pau Lin was excited. He had dated Ehrin and got off-spring and as a result his son ‘Shadow’ joined our peaceful family.

I had learned my lesson. It’s much better and much more clever to stay aside and don’t get involved in power games. So it be!

Of course history repeated itself and that little fur-ball started to tease both me and Pau Lin. When he came near me I just ran off not giving him a chance, but Pau Lin, as a good father, tried to teach him manners. It didn’t help much. When Shadow was near 1,5 years old he started to challenge the leadership of his father.

Our ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ had obviously learned their lesson well and both didn’t get a chance to have that fight. It’s very clear that youth has the future and that one day Shadow will take over Pau Lin’s position.

In the meantime I’m having fun. I can cope with both. Even I can eat from their plates or drink from their bowls. So where both are losing energy in being suspicious against each other for the leadership I’m probably the cleverest, most relaxed Chow Cousin.

Sir Beer passed away on December 4, 2003. We all are missing him, but we hope he has found peace and happiness. He was a wonderful friend!

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