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Date of birth:
Birth weight:
Passed away:
Vita Texla Fawn Kaya
March 9, 2004
Fawn (Cinnamon)
360 gram
Vita Texla (van Slageren)
Anhwei Shadow Lan
Vita Texla Susie
July 16, 2008
Kaya, 17 days old

Too sad to be true.... Only 4 years old and having to let her go. Our beloved Chow Beauty: Vita-Texla Fawn Kaya. She was diagnosed having a a life threatening tumor in her larynx. There was no other way then to grant her a peaceful crossing the bridge and meet-up with her grandfather, Pau Lin, and her uncle Sir Beer. She is missed. Her Life Story, in Dutch, can be found here (PDF file): Kaya's Life Story
This page simply gives a review of some special moments and milestones.

Kaya's parents and the litter

Shadow and Susie
On March 9, 2004 Susie gave birth to 10 puppies (5 males, 5 females) in smooth and rough fur with the colours black, fawn (cinnamon), blue and red. The litter was very exceptional and so far known the 3d. of this kind in the chow history of the Netherlands.
All found a new home begin of May 2004 and Kaya joined her father (Shadow) and grandfather (Pau Lin) in Tiel on May 7 2004. ............
On July 15, 2005, Pau Lin passed away. Only three years later we had to say goodbye to our beloved Kaya..
Shadow and Susie

Pictures shot between May 7 and May 20, 2004
Shadow showing Kaya the garden:
And now it's granddad's (Pau Lin) turn:
So, you are my granddaughter? Yes, I am. There is still that puppy smell on you.
And a salute to Sir Beer.

Spring 2005 (1 year old):
Miss Fawn Kaya, alert Kaya proud
Kaya in Texel Kaya, garden party

March 9, 2006 (2 years old):

Shadow and Kaya argueing

Decision making, Kaya and Shadow

Kaya for a Dutch Treat

That is tasty !!

Stuffed Animal For Kaya

Happy Miss Fawn "Forbidden"

Shadow teasing Kaya

 Men...They always think they can do what they want. Not with ME !

The very last picture with Kaya....July 13, 2008
Last picture with our beloved Kaya
From l. to r.; Shadow, Kaya, Xiong, Kiang

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