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In the spotlight.....
Being famed...being a celebrity....
Some love it, others don't....
When you have certain qualities it will be noticed one day and there you go.....
Publicity....into the light....
And there you suddenly have a manager, a promoter...
Photos are shot, autograph hunters.....a paw....
Some have a happy life, but the majority is suffering and is, in the best case, housed in shelters...
It's good to know that there are so many volunteers doing their utmost for trying to bring them a better future....
At our place the chows have a good life. We give them the best possible and when one of them is suffering everything is done to bring comfort.

This page is dedicated to the 'publicity' and the fame Beer, Pau Lin, Shadow, Kaya, Xiong and Kiang got and will get.......
The Chow Celebrities.......Happy Dutch Chows !
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our beloved Kaya on July 16, 2008.

The Calendar Chows (2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009:NetChows)
Happy Dutch (Chow Cousins) Chows Forever !
For the video clip click the play/stop button
NetChows is a successful Chow search and news source for the chow lover. Part in it is the famed chow calendar. The photo contributions can come from everywhere.
Of course it's an honour learning that Sir Beer, for September 2003, and both Master Pau Lin and Sir Beer, for August 2005, became selected as 'chow of the month'.
No better Tribute to these two fine chows, who once were the drive to start the Chow Cousins.
Sir Beer, the chow Mascot in Sept. 2003 Big, smiles from Pau Lin (Aug. 2005)
NetChows' 2007 Calendar: Mr. October !
Calendar Boy And here he is: Mister NetChows' October 2007 Celebrity!
Shadow Anhwei Lan.......
So Father, So Son !
On the left how he appears on the Calendar and on the right the original picture (compressed), When you look well you see the 'No Trespassing' sign.
Shadow is a very kind chow, but not for unwanted intruders.
Yes, Happy Dutch (Chow Cousins) Forever !
NetChows' 2009 Calendar: Miss June !
Miss Kaya, June 2009 Celebrity And here he is: Miss NetChows' June 2009 Celebrity!
Vita-Texla Fawn Kaya.......
So grandfather, so father, o daughter !
On the left how he appears on the Calendar and on the right the original picture (compressed), When you look well you see the 'No Trespassing' sign.
Kaya unfortunately passed away on July 16, 2008. Her appearance on the Calendar is highly appreciated.
Yes, Happy Dutch (Chow Cousins) Forever !
Our Kaya
For the NetChows' Calendar and how to contribute; CHOW-CHOW CALENDER

The Show Must Go On !
Kaya's Bocals
Of course people loving their pets like to show them to the world. Being excited means sharing and telling all who wanna know how happy you are with your pet. For that shows are a nice outlet and then...a champion in house. That's it. I have no objections at all in dog shows and when this is properly done we all can learn and hopefully breeders are then able to preserve the so-called breed-standard.
Showing in a ring....I have to admit I don't like it at all.
I prefer to show my excitement for the furkids through the world wide web and this "Happy Dutch Chow Site".
Kaya was showed twice and our late Pau Lin once. Yes Miss Kaya Best Puppy Of Show..... But so what?
Most important is....keeping your pets 'sound and healthy' and give them your love!
Miss Fawn got Best Puppy Of Breed and Best Puppy Of Show (Almelo, August 22, 2004)
Kaya's pride Vita-Texla Kaya was present, together with her grand-father Pau Lin at the Club Match of KC Almelo upon invitation of the Anhwei kennel. For Anhwei this clubmatch was the official goodbye in the successful breeding of Chows.
Kaya 'came, viewed and won' easily.It was an excitement seeing beautiful Anhwei Chows!
Kaya and Peter, bubble time
All these bocals....A Champion? Prosit on Peter's little girl....the champion.

In Russia the Happy Dutch Chows regular can be found in a web contest....:
Have a look: 
Imperial Treasure chow kennel. The competitions, wall-papers... IT Chow-Chows Contest

Happy Dutch Chows In Literature......

1. Karakter honden-Karakter bazen
Lelystad; May 19,2004
'Sir Beer in a new dog book, as representative for the chow breed'
Official release of a complete new guide for future dog owners and those interested in learning more about the various dog breeds. "Karakter honden-Karakter bazen" written by Sacha Gaus and Nicky Gootjes.
"The best tribute Sir Beer can imagine!"

Sir Beer is appearing in the new dog book 'Karakter honden - Karakter bazen' written by Sacha Gaus and Nicky Gootjes. No better honour could be imagined for one of the finest Chow Chows. The book is a guide for those looking for a dog meeting 'both' expectations and can be highly recommended. More then 50 breeds are discussed..
ISBN 90-5956-044-2
Pau Lin
2. Begrijp ik mijn hond ?
Pau Lin Apeldoorn; June 5,2005
'Pau Lin and his son Shadow in a complete new book about dogs'
We were present during the official presentation of the new dog book called:
"Begrijp ik mijn hond ?" (Do I understand my dog ?).
This book is focusing on the communication with your dog and how to improve that.
It's written by Nicky Gootjes and Sacha Gaus and very well illustrated and includes a DVD too. Published by: Fontaine Uitgevers. ISBN number: ISBN 90-5956-1198
Shadow Begrijp Ik Mijn Hond? Shadow and Pau Lin
Pau Lin & Shadow in the book "Begrijp Ik Mijn Hond?" (about a better communication with your dog)
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