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Date of birth:
Birth weight:
Anhwei Shadow Lan
December 15, 2000
450 gram
Anhwei kennel
Anhwei Xiong Tai Pau Lin Hong
Chuban Ehrin Blue Jewel
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Shadow, 4 months old
Shadow's parents:
Chuban Ehrin Blue Jewel Anhwei Xiong Tai Pau Lin Hong
Chuban Ehrin Blue Jewel Anhwei Xiong Tai Pau-Lin Hong
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This is the page with a bit more about the blue coloured, rough chow "Shadow". Shadow is a chow with a very strong character and needing a strong hand. On the other hand, when you got his trust in you he is the cutest chow you can imagine. All imagineable specific chow aspects are present in this blue coloured chow beauty. The pictures, which are featured here, are from 2004 up to now. Just a selection from the many which were shot.
Shadow Proud
Feeling cosy in-house and either crunching or napping are the main activities then.

Beeing outside is even better and no problem of getting wet paws.
Red alert ! A cat in the garden.....

Suspicious..... A beautiful, lovely face....

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