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At this page some pictures of Shadow and Kaya can be found, demonstrating the pleasure these two have. Kaya a young, fawn coloured, smooth girl, together with her father Shadow, being a blue coloured rough. Kaya is smaller then her father. When you look well you clearly can see that there are similarities physically and mentally. A nice couple regular getting 'ooh's and aah's' and "are that chow-chows?" and "do they have, as said, blue tongues?"
Kaya, so very young Father and daughter, two beauties. On the left and the right Miss Kaya is just a 10 weeks old. For Shadow a new milestone in his life. Living together with his daughter.
Initialy he behaved in keeping 'distance'. Later on he accepted much more her presence and being a 'team' is bringing more benefit.
Two Happy Chows
On the right: Kaya is here one year old and 'following' her father. Two of a kind
Kaya was used to play a lot with her family in Texel and here in Tiel teasing her grandfather and her father was another story. Both initially had some difficulties with the little girl. On the other hand Shadow is realizing that it's not bad having a play-mate around. For the whole family Miss Kaya is refreshing. Shadow and his daughter...fun, fun.... We had to say goodbye to Kaya on July 16, 2009.
Cosy? I'm the under-dog
Alert Me, Shadow Chow ruling
No pain Teasing teeth
I dare Me, Kaya Walk on

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