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Date of birth:
Birth weight:
Passed away:
Vita Texla Fawn Kaya
March 9, 2004
Fawn (Cinnamon)
360 gram
Vita Texla (van Slageren)
Anhwei Shadow Lan
Vita Texla Susie
July 16, 2008
Kaya, 17 days old

We had to let go our beloved Kaya. Born on March 9, 2004 and crossed the bridge on July 16, 2008. So very young and so unexpected. Since some time she had trouble in swallowing kibbles and other food and after consulting our vet we adapted her diet to a more smooth texture. Unfortunately she started to have respiration problems too. It is known in Chow Chows and Bulldogs that they can suffer on aspiration problems and making really noise. That is then caused by soft tissue in the throat. After consulting our own vet we went to a specialist for making a scope. There was lots of morbid tissue in her larynx. It was so serious that a surgery hardly would help her out. We had to give her up for her sake to avoid further suffering and getting choked unexpected....
That would have been a horrible thing.
Miss Kaya only 4 years old....
She will never be forgotten.
Her Life Story, in Dutch, can be found here (PDF file): Kaya's Life Story

This page simply gives a review of some special moments and milestones.
From many friends from all over the world encouraging messages were received.
And as a special tribute it became known that Kaya would be the Chow Celebrity for the month June 2009 on the NetChows.com calendar.
See for more about Kaya the special picture page: Kaya, So beautiful !

Kaya, NetChows' Celebrity

Too Young To Fly Away........

The very last picture with Kaya....July 13, 2008
Last picture with our beloved Kaya
From l. to r.; Shadow, Kaya, Xiong, Kiang

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