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Pet name:
Date of birth:
Birth weight:
Meinte van het Bossche Front
May 22, 2007

Red, rough
Janneke Leunissen
Hidde v/h Bossche Front
Champ. Germke v/h Bossche Front
Kiang's parents:
Hidde Germke
Hidde v/h Bossche Front  Ch. Germke v/h. Bossche Front

It was by co-incidence...
Riet van Kempen (secretary of the Dutch Chow Chow Club/NCCC) and Ted Beverdam (a Chow Fancier) went visiting Janneke and Leo Leunissen of Van Het Bossche Front on July 7, 2007. Janneke is a well known Chow Chow Breeder and publisher. She is most famed for her smooth Chow Chows. At her place Germke had given birth to 6 Chow Chow beauties. One turned out being a rough male. That evening we received the first pictures from Ted Beverdam and we were lost. That Monday, July 9, we went seeing the litter and WOOOW nothing too much said. What a beauties and yes, that rough red male: Meinte v/h Bossche Front. He clearly was reminding us to, logic, Sir Beer and Master Pau Lin. Re-incarnation?
Anyway, what an excitement. On July 21, 2007 we brought Kiang (his pet name) home for joining our family, where Shadow and his two daughters welcomed him. Oh and he got already a nick-name: Mister Red Rough.
Enjoy the video clip. The clip was taken a few hours after Meinte arrived at our place. Notice the excitement. Double CLICK the <PLAY> button in the screen.


After a goodbye from his breeder, Janneke Leunissen, Meinte went on his way to his new home in Tiel.
Janneke, Helma, Meinte Meinte, Helma up home!
Meinte and stuffed bone Meinte and bone Meinte and stuffed bone

And all the toys waiting for him and enjoying being in the garden. The stuffed bone was owned once by Shadow, who got that several  years ago from a Chow Chow friend (Dianne) in the USA. Yes, the first obedient lessons, as you can see below.

Meinte Meinte

The most important lessons in understanding the pack-order. For Shadow and Kaya a nice job. Xiong had in that much more difficulties. It is much more fun to play and run together.

Meinte and Shadow Meinte head Meinte and Shadow
While being exactly 4 months old Meinte is bringing a salute to Sir Beer and Master Pau Lin. It is September 22, 2007 and 17 years ago Sir Beer was born.  Flowers on the grave of the two Chow Cousins' Stars.
Meinte salute Sir Beer Meinte salute

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