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"The Master As Seen By Masters"
Another Tribute.....
Pau Lin......sketched by Wendy Reyn
Below is a copy of the sketch Wendy Reyn made and on which we all are very proud.
It is perfectly reflecting Pau Lin's dignified pose he always showed. For that reason he had as alias name: "Master".
Wendy Reyn used the picture further below from which she 'translated' the characteristic expression into a wonderful sketch preserving that forever!
Wendy Reyn is an artist, animal lover pur-sang and some of her many activities can be found at: .
Pau Lin as seen by Wendy Reyn This is what Wendy wrote:

Here is the latest sketch I have been working on. It's of Pau Lin, an older gent who's sadly passed on. He's owned by Peter of  .
I think I fell in love with Pau Lin when Peter sent me a hilarious home movie, of him out on his morning pee and poo run (complete with censored sign when he was doing his business) at thirteen he tip toed around the yard, and I laughed so hard!

I often check Peter's page for the latest movies, and have to stay away from some like "chow cousins" cause it makes me cry haha. 

I hope you like it Peter, thank you for letting me do it!

Another Tribute.....
Pau Lin...... as seen by an Russian artist..
Pau Lin as seen by an Russian art painter

On the left side a ceramic plate, handcrafted, with a painting from Pau Lin's head. It was a gift from Tatiana & Nataly of the famed Imperial Treasure Kennel in Orel (Russia). It was made by a professional artist in Orel.

"I know that you and Helma loved Pau Lin like your own children...
So it was very pleasant for me to gladden you..."
And it is real happiness that we (you and me) have other chows who are loved by us so much and they decreased that pain...
 And one more ... I don't know if you'll understand me in right way... you are really good and kind man... and I would like to do something pleasant to you.

Tatiana, Imperial Treasure kennel, Orel (Russia)

Another Tribute.....
Pau Lin...... as seen Nelleke Ponsteen:
Nelleke Ponsteen is a Dutch painter able to register, through colour, contrast and ignoring certain elements, the essence of the original. Her focus is on getting the veracity of the registered observation. She mainly applies acryl paint in her work.

We know Nelleke Ponsteen quite some time and we are very thankful to her for the willingness to paint the famed Master. In the picture Nelleke is on the left, while Helma is taking-over the painting.

Work from Nelleke can be seen at:

Pau Lin as seen by Nelleke Ponsteen

Pau Lin's Best

In Memoriam Pau Lin
Master Pau Lin,
We still remember when you came to our place...
That cute little puppy born at the Anhwei kennel in Hengelo (NL).
You showed to be a really friend through thick and thin and always with a big (chow) smile. 
Coming home was always a taking me by my wrist and pulling me into the living and showing the excitement to the family.
Together with Sir Beer you showed being a nice couple and being a Mascot for the chow world.
We will never forget you for what you have meant to us 
You were a fantastic chow, with only love and always a waggling tail. Loved by the whole neighbourhood. We had a wonderful time with you and you will never be forgotten.
This special page remains a tribute to you.

A Tribute for Pau Lin:
On July 4, 2005 Pau Lin was surgered and an aggresive growing tumor became removed from the rear of his tongue. Unfortunately he passed away on July 15, 2005 at our place. It was all too much for him.
Pau Lin was born on June 13, 1992 and reached the age of 13 and 4 weeks.
As a Tribute to the Master you can view here a video clip (in Windows Media Player):

NAME: Anhwei Xiong Tai Pau-Lin Hong
PLACE & DATE OF BIRTH: Hengelo (NL), June 13, 1992
SIRE: Oes-Ming Tai Pan
BITCH: Anhwei Larja-Hei
BREEDER: Riet & Menno de Jager, Anhwei kennel
OWNER: Helma & Peter Wellinga (Tiel, The Netherlands)
Oes Ming Anhwei Larja Hei Pau Lin
Oes-Ming Tai-Pan Anhwei Larja-Hei Anhwei Xiong Tai Pau Lin Hong

(a couple of days old)
=Xando Hei (male/black)
=Xatan Hei (male/black)
=Xibanya Hong (male/red)
=Xiong Tai Pau Lin Hong (male/red)
=Xulay Hong (female/red)
=Xari Hong (female/red)
Banja Xibanya Hong
(owned by fam. Arens, Ooy)

This picture is showing the Master's face. A Chow, who loved to be hugged, but always reserved for 'strangers'.
Pau Lin was a guard for the family and always protective.
A fine chow, which will never be forgotten.
Our Pau Lin !
Face Of Anhwei Xiong Tai Pau Lin Hong

Some pictures of Pau Lin......from the many there are:
The Big Smile Of The Master
Pau Lin Pau Lin Pau Lin Pau Lin

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