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June 15, 2005: Shadow & Tinka .....engaged (first time mating) ........
Tinka delivered two beautiful puppies on August 15, 2005.....!
See below for the pictures.....of Shadow and Tinka's first litter. That combination resulted in 2007 and 2008 in Chow Kids too.

Yes....Shadow and Tinka (S&T) started 'running' together on June 15, 2005 on and they 'met' twice since then... 
Vita-Texla Tinka is a half sister of Vita-Texla Susie. Susie and Shadow had 10 puppies together (March 10, 2004) and thanks that 'dating' Miss Fawn Kaya found a home with her father Shadow in Tiel.
The chow kennel Vita-Texla is situated on the island Texel and the home of several smooth Chows.
Next to mom 'Anouska', there are Susie, Tinka, Laika, Lobke and Pandora.

 August 15, 2005: Happy Chow News...... "Puppies"
two blue coloured puppies De Cocksdorp (Vita-Texla):
On August 15, 2005 at about 6.30 PM Tinka started to be in labour and within an hour delivered two beautiful puppies.
Not clear yet what kind of coat....rough? smooth? We will learn that very soon.
Both are blue coloured; one male (birth-weight 370 g) and one female (birth-weight 356 g).
Proud Tinka
Pictures shot 3 hours after the delivery (Pictures supplied by Van Slageren) A proud Tinka!

Male, 748 g One week old. Bitch, 718 g
Male, 748 grammes Female, 718 grammes
Happy Tinka, 12 days old puppies 11 Days old:

Tinka is very proud and showing being a good mom for her little kids. In weight the puppies are approaching 1 kg!
It's not definite yet..., but the blue male seems to be a rough chow. The female is a blue smooth. Most important: Both are healthy and growing well.

Proud Tinka with her two puppies  Two hands with puppies
 The above pictures were provided by the breeder (Vita-Texla,Nel and Henk van Slageren).

August 27, 2005
Puppies growing...... 12 days old.....
Tinka, puppies: 12 days old 12 Days old:

Tinka is taking care for her little kids very well. She is a true mother and takes her time for the kids. The two enjoy the milk. They grow very well and crowl around and try to stand-up. See the picture on the right. Imagine.... near one kg within a 12 days.....

Proud tinka
Tinka with her two puppies  Yes, my puppies
Blue Is beautiful Blue Male Blue Bitch
Happy together.... The blue coloured male  The blue cloured female

Poor Susie Vita-Texla Susie.
Shadow had clearly cheated on her and went for Tinka. Sure you remember that Susie gave birth in 2004 to 10 puppies. Already a year ago. So it's understandable she is a bit sad looking. She is showing symptoms of mothership these days...and she took her chance to feed the puppies, while Tinka was off...
Susie feeding the puppies
Sad looking Susie.....  Tinka left for a moment..a chance for Susie.

September 10, 2005
Puppies growing fast.......... 25 days old..... 
always hungry 25 Days old:
They grow very fast and are doing great. The colours of both are clearly blue. But what about the coat?
It looks like that the male is staying smooth and the female is getting a rough coat. Not completely sure yet.
Nevertheless they enjoy there puppy-hood at Vita Texla. 
Two puppies, 25 days old
Whoooow, fast food?  Yes, always hungry!

September 29, 2005
Shadow's Shadows.................. near 6 weeks old... and both are definitely rough coated....
cute lovely pups What a cute lovely and sister. Two beautiful, rough coated and blue coloured Chows.
They do very well and next to eating, sleeping they love to be outside and join the rest of the family at Vita-Texla. Aunt Susie regular love to Chow-sit, while Mom 'Tinka' is taking a rest. Imagine.....already 6 weeks old...
Time flies. The female is foreseen to go to new owners in a 2 weeks from now.
love to be outside
Dinner......for puppies Hungry and loving to be outside
Happy Together 6 weeks old..time flies...
It's unbelievable...puppies growing and growing.
They are very active and playful and like to be together as much as possible. Socializing is 'automatically' in-line and learned from the family members.
The male is looking a lot like his father when a puppy.....
Little Shadow and Mom
Two 'Shadows' take it easy  Mom 'Tinka' and the little male
The little female The little Man
Curious looking to the photographer....   Grandmom Anouska is very proud. 'Well, not me.....', is what the little male thinks...

The Proud Parents !
Date of birth:
Birth weight:
Anhwei Shadow Lan
December 15, 2000
450 gram
Anhwei kennel (Hengelo,NL)
Anhwei Xiong Tai Pau-Lin Hong
Chuban Ehrin Blue Jewel
Vita-Texla Tinka
March 13, 2002
360 gram
Vita-Texla (De Cocksdorp,NL)
Liam Yin van Juttersburch
Xin-Feng's Anouska

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