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Shadow and Susie

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The famed Shadow and Susie, 2004 litter !!

We got married in Tiel (NL) on January 10, 2004.

De Cocksdorp/Texel, Netherlands: March 9, 2004.
Susie gave birth to 10 puppies ( 5 males, 5 females) 
The colours: 3 black males, 1 red male, 1 fawn (cinnamon) male, 4 blue females and 1 fawn (cinnamon) female.

Finally 9 puppies made it and found a new home with caretaking owners.
Enjoy here some puppy pictures from the many which were made.

Anhwei Shadow Lan & Vita Texla Susie

April 2004: Happy Chowdren 52 days old......Shadow's and Susie's pride.....
It's all about food...
Susie and Anouska watching.. Hunger... Are there any leftovers?
 "Yes, among wooden shoes!" Cookie and Kaya near an old stove
Time to relax
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Happy FurBabies...
 In the corridor  'Blue and Red'  'I'm not stinking!'

 Grandmom (Anouska) and little Kaya Don't you think I'm cute? I'm a beauty
 Pffff, just shaked myself  I'm Red. Not Red Alert!  Who wanna play with me?
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 Another beauty  Black is beautiful too!

The Individuals...
 I'm Vita Texla Blue Siërra  I'm Vita Texla Yerma  I'm Vita Texla Cookie and love to go to Greece
 I'm Vita Texla Midnight What about me? I'm Vita Texla Bowy!
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Vita Texla Fawn Kaya and aunty
 I'm Vita Texla Brenda Lan  I'm Vita Texla Kaja  I'm Vita Texla Pluto

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