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Vita-Texla Xiong Fawn Lotte

Date of birth:
Birth weight:
Vita-Texla Xiong Fawn Lotte
October 14, 2006
290 gram
Nel and Henk van Slageren
Anhwei Shadow Lan
Vita-Texla Susie
Xiong's parents:
Shadow   Susie
Anhwei Shadow Lan  Vita-Texla Susie

Yes, on December 16 Xiong 'traveled' from the isle Texel to Tiel and joined Shadow (her father) and Kaya (her sister). In the video clip below you can see how that introduction went.
Her brothers and sisters found a good home too. This litter was special again and for all the caretaking we have sya a thank you to all at the Vita-Texla kennel. See about the litter on Shadow and Susie.
Enjoy the 'Xiong Coming Home' clip (double click the <play> button):

Vita-Texla Xiong Fawn Lotte

December 2006: Oh dear, what is going on here? Xiong in the middle and hoping that both her father (Shadow) and her older sister (Kaya) don't make problems.
Xiong, Shadow, Kaya
Socializing and finding a place in the pack. That is not an easy job at all. Look at Kaya's teeth telling Xiong ; "Hé, you have to listen to me !"
Xiong, Kaya Xiong, Kaya, Shadow

Xiong is a lovely lady and very playful and always there for teasing and making fun. Preferably with Kaya or Kiang around. For her father she has more respect.

Xiong taking it easy Xiong taking it easy

Here an example how Xiong can entertain herself very well.

  Xiong loves to play  

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