Annette Duburg


While visiting the United States, Annette Duburg came across jewelry made from polymer clay for the first time. Immediately interested, she took advantage of the many available courses offered there in what was at the time a relatively unknown art form in Holland. She had always enjoyed taking on new challenges and when she returned home began experimenting with this new medium.
Working with polymer clay, was not a very big change for Annette, since she had graduated from the Art Academy in Rotterdam, (academie voor beeldende kunsten) in 1965, and went to work in the ceramic building division of the Porceleynen Fles in Delft. After working there a year, she opened her own ceramic studio and art shop in Rotterdam.
Becoming restless, she began to explore the worlds of film, television and fashion. Her interest in fashion led her to Paris where she studied fashion design and draping. She then returned to Holland where she taught at the Fashion Institutes of Amsterdam, Arnhem, and Rotterdam.
After 12 years of teaching, she eventually returned to ceramics specializing in decorative tiles. This then remained her focus until she was introduced to polymer clay.
In 2014 she started to work with with Bullseye glass