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We are expert appraisers and valuers of antique rocking - and carousel horses.
If you want to gain some insight into the value or background of your horse, we are qualified to tell you exactly what your items are worth!

When an collector want to have a double check of the real value of her/his art and antiques they can also search with:


Here you'll see a selection of our antique- and vintage horses.
Some of them are for sale. Prices on request.
If you are interested in items or horses with the 'Buy Now' option, please check the conditions at our
page 'Prices & Orders' before pressing the button.
The pictures of the restorations on this page give you an idea of the quality of our work.

Rocking horses and antique toys are a solid investment.
Their prices wil increase as they become older.


NOTE: this site is not up-dated ,please visit in future: www.rockinghorsedesign.com

Carousel horse dated circa 1910. Probably from the firm ' Hitzig'
German origin. Fabulous horse in original colors.
Height approx 29,5 inches; Length body 23,5 inches, Length from hoof-hoof approx 35 inches,

A small carousel horse of a shift-carousel. Origin Germany.
Firm unknown. Dated beginning 20th century
Costs restoration (paintwork into different colors) approx 400 Euro

A Bauer & Krause rocking and pull horse.German origin. Size 13. Dated approx 1910-1920. ready restoring (see www.rockinghorsedesign.com)

Pedal driven horse-toy. Origin Italy.
Dated circa 1955-1965.

Before- and after restauration

A noble gorgeous German, overo rocking and pull horse dated circa
1850. It regain its former beauty by replacing his ears, manes, tail and tack.A new handmade bridle and bit will be made for this horse. This one is only for display.No bow left


A large tricycle horse.

Height: approx 92cm/36 inches
Length approx 99cm/39 inches

Belgium Carousel horse made by the firm Kind.
Size small
Dated first part 20th century
Original metal standard.
Price 2100 Euro

French 1900th Velocipede (tricycle)horse (probably a horse of Jean Louis Gourdoux of Paris) in original condition
One of the few left (worlwide)
A simulair (but not a 'Gourdoux')horse is in "le musée du Jouet" in France.
Rococco style cast iron panel, iron head. Original remains of leather and fringed velveteen sattlecloth.

Very well preserved hide covered 'Circus' rocking/pull horse of the Firm Freitag. German origin. Dated circa 1910-1920. Double reins and leather decorations. Without bow


Here you'll see a wonderful early Bauer and Krause rocking horse, which is dated circa 1900. The swing rocker regained its colours and is painted with gilt. Brass decorations.

German origin, combination wood and paper-maché, dated period 1930-1950, unique piece. One wooden pedal has been broken (see picture), some loss of paint caused by transport; lenght 90cm, height 56cm
Price Euro 150

German, handmade heirloom, dated begin 20th century

Antique pull toy, German origin,
dated circa begin 20th century,
height horse circa 32 cm, length 35cm.
One wheel and a leather ear of the horse is missing.

Magnificent, large handcarved European rocking horse. One of a kind piece.
20th Century
Maker unknown.

A Hugo Rissland & Sohne from Gillersdorf in Germany circa 1920.
We restored the broken bow and removed 17 nails.
Needs re-painting into its original dapple grey, new leather and hair. Rough costs of restoration 450 Euro.

The oldest horse in our possession at this moment.
Dated c beginning 19th-century. German origin.
Nice carvings.

A rocking horse made by the Lines Brothers, dated before 1927.
A Sportiboy Model1.
32 inches/80cm to the ears.
Needs re-painting into its original dapple grey colouring,
new leatherwork and hair.
Estimate costs of restoration 650 Euro.

This is a beautiful, very large, hide covered German cavalry horse, dated circa 1850 with new manes, tail and tack . The front weels are missing. Colour of the saddlecloth is the green, which were the colours used by the Kingdom of Saxony in Germany in 1810. The saddlecloth has a gold coloured ribbon

Mohair rockinghorse (Ordhruf),
very well preserved,
German origin, 1930-1950
Price Euro 350

'Europe': late 19th century,
Probably German
'Spic': 1910-1920
German Origin (sold)





This very exclusive, hand-made carriage for children or collectors measures 1,48 x 80 x 1,15 (height)cm (or approx.60 x32 x 46 inch). It has rubber-tyred wheels and is suitable for 2 small children. The landau is beautifully (hand)painted in ancient colours. It is a replica of one of the most popular toys in the late 19th century. Although this carriage is ment for decoration or to be played with, it is possible to drive with a goat or very small pony. At this point we recommend to change the wheels into solid, durable ones, because we think that the original wheels would not survive every days "great adventures in rough meadows". But why not put one of our horses for it?


This carousel horse is an original, rare Heyn horse from Germany. This horse
hanged at an shift Carousel in the beginning of 1900.
These horses were very populair. On this moment it is under restoration.

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Remember: each horse made by Jo's Rocking Horse & Art Design is created for customers who want something different and therefore unique. Prices start as low as 1200 Euro.

All pictures (C) Copyright Johanna W. 2001