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Carousel Horses





NOTE: This page will no longer be updated!
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We have four types of carousel horses : our 'standard' and 'deLuxe' horses; both in size medium and large.
Although we are sometimes inspired by the beauty of antique horses. and make -beside our range- some special ones.

Coming: two large very special armored horses are waiting to be painted; two other large horses with carved leopard hides on the saddle and one with an eagle behind the saddle. Another large carousel horse is waiting to get a 'Napoleon' look: grey with double reins, a saddle of red velvet, gilt, embroidery, jewels and goldwired tassel.

If you are interested let us know: you can still choose your style of the paintwork! (see them at our page 'new')


You can also choose to finish and paint our standard horse yourself or even decide to buy and finisch a head of one of our carousel horses.

This is an example
of a 'deLuxe'
carousel/rocking horse

An example of an unfinished
handcarved 'standard' carousel horse
The picture below (Charles)
shows the finished version


The ' finish yourself' pack.

The horses are handcarved and 'replica antique'. Above -on the right- you'll see an example of a 'finish yourself' carousel horse.

The pack contains: a wooden carousel horse (only type: standard/medium). Ears, horse hair on hide for the tail, an iron standard, woodfiller (to fill cracks into the bare wood), sanding paper, 500ml white undercoat /primer which obliterates rasp marks, glue and instructions. Once the horse is ready you can -if you wish- add accessories such as reins and stirrups.
Price 675 Euro.(standard/medium)



Large carousel horses

The picture below shows a large type 'standard' carousel horse with extra reins and stirrups
The reason for this 'one-off' was a magnificent rocking horse, which was made for King Charles XII. Beside one, which is still left in a Swedish Museum, is another, carved rearing up on his back legs, in the Palacio Real de Aranjuez in Spain. From the appearance this noble horse seems to be more at home in a noble armoury than in a prince's nursery, where it was placed in those days.
This horse has a length of 48inches/1.20m and a height of 58inches/1.45 m.
This particular horse has been sold to Boston USA.

An example of a 'standard' large
carousel horse with extra reins and stirrups.

The new owners in the USA are
so happy with this horse that
they've decided to order
another one.

Special offers


A large carousel horse.
American style 'Stars and stripes" decorated with stones.
Made of reinforced polyester
Height: 1.50m/60 inches (incl.pole)
Length 1.50m/60 inches
Pole is removable.

998 EURO

Something completely different:

A carousel horse with a special design for a children's room or nursery

Height 1.10m.
Price 675 Euro


All pictures (C) Copyright Johanna W. 2001