Battlefield Relics

Over the last years I have discovered many item in the Ardennes, all in the north sector. Most of the items come from farmers or fromhouse that were to be taken down, and things were found during working on these house. I have added in random order some of the nicest things we found. Items we find with names and or serialnumbers on it have in a few cases found its way back home to the owner or family.

Suitcase of Lt George A Hammond, 422nd Inf Rgt H Company, 106th Infantry Division
skoud2006_27.jpg (121kb) skoud2006_29.jpg (91kb) skoud2006_30.jpg (82kb) skoud2006_31.jpg (127kb)
skoud2006_33.jpg (38kb) skoud2006_35.jpg (103kb) skoud2006_39.jpg (92kb) skoud2006_41.jpg (93kb)
skoud2006_45.jpg (70kb) skoud2006_47.jpg (82kb) skoud2006_49.jpg (65kb) skoud2006_53.jpg (81kb)
skoud2006_55.jpg (88kb) skoud2006_56.jpg (101kb) skoud2006_57.jpg (127kb) skoud2006_58.jpg (96kb)
skoud2006_63.jpg (86kb) skoud2006_64.jpg (66kb) skoud2006_65.jpg (74kb) skoud2006_66.jpg (108kb)
skoud2006_70.jpg (74kb) skoud2006_73.jpg (63kb) skoud2006_76.jpg (77kb) skoud2006_80.jpg (65kb)
skoud2006_83.jpg (44kb) skoud2006_86.jpg (72kb) skoud2006_87.jpg (56kb) skoud2006_90.jpg (53kb)