The 99th Infantry Division

» Don Wallace, from Buchholz Station to Elsenborn Ridge, 3rdBN 394th Rgt.

» Vernon McGarity, Medal of Honor recipient.

» BC Henderson, Suicide Patrol, 394th Inf Rgt.

» Clifford Grassman, veteran of the 535th AAA re-visit the battle area

» Cliff Selwood, assigned to B Company, 394th Inf Reg.

» The real story of the fight for Lanzerath Hill, I&R Platoon 394th Inf Rgt.

The 1st Infantry Division

» Joe Rowley, veteran of 16th Inf Rgt, I & R platoon, of the "Big Red One".

» Henry F. Warner, Medal of Honor recipient.

» The "Hot Corner" of Bütgenbach revisited by Lt. August T. McColgan

» George Tammara, Private in A Company, 26th Inf Rgt
The 2nd Infantry Division
» James D. Branch (38th Rgt HQ I Bn) re-visits the former battle-area of Krinkelt and Rocherath.

» William A. Soderman, Medal of Honor recipient.

» Jose M. Lopez, Medal of Honor recipient.

» Truman Kimbro, Medal of Honor recipient.

» Richard Eller Cowan, Medal of Honor recipient.
The 106th Infantry Division » 'Ambush' The story of John M. (Jack) Roberts "C" Battery, 592nd FAB

» Action at Schnee Eiffel, written by John Kline (part of his personall wardiary).

» Guerilla fight in the deep misty woods of the Schnee Eiffel, Action of Eric Fisher Wood.

» Account of Jack Sulser, squad leader in the 106th Infantry Division

» Stories of John R. Schaffner

» Stories of Calvin Boykin gunner on an M-8 armored car, then after their withdrawal from St. Vith and environs he was promoted to section sergeant, assigned to the same, but new armored car of 1st Section 2d Platoon of RCN CO, 814th TD Bn.

» Ensign Rolf Odendahl, former veteran of the 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division tells his story of the Battle.

  The 87th Infantry Division
Personall account of James Hennessy, veteran of E Company, 345th Infantry Regiment, 87th Infantry Division