Battle Field Tour - August 2006
a meeting soldiers of the Dutch 103 ISTAR Battalion

For the 3rd time we had a meeting with the Dutch 103 ISTAR Battalion at Elsenborn Camp, during their last evening in the Ardennes after a week of exercise. As before I was asked to bring some veterans who fought in the North Shoulder sector to talk about their expierences during the battle. Already during the day the Veterans and guests met up in Schoppen, near Amel to meet and talk about each expierence. After that we went to see the fabulous Battle of the Bulge Museum in Elsenborn Camp, went back into the forest of Schoppen, where Platoonleader Rolf Odendahl told about his expierences in January 1945 when he and several men were in the MLR fighting off US patrols, and small pincer attacks.


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