Monument in the snow

In the town of the twin villages of Krinkelt/ Rocherath stands the monument to the veteran 2nd Infantry Division, which fought against the 12th SS Panzer Division and 277th Volksgrenadier Division.


The Battle of the Bulge was one of the bloodiest clashes of World War II.

Now, over 63 years later, you can tour the sites of the most famous actions of the German Ardennes Offensive.

  • The "Hell at Bütgenbach", where one American infantry regiment held up an entire German Panzer Division.
  • The twinvilages of Krinkelt / Rocherath, defended by the 99th and 2nd Inf Div against an overwhelming German force.
  • The Siegfriedline; see the pillboxes, dragonteeth and trenches of the German defense.
  • The town of Bastogne, defended by Easy Company, the "Band of Brothers", of the 101st Airborne Division.
  • Stoumont and La Gleize, fought over by the crack Waffen-SS unit, Battle Group Peiper.

the group in the snow af the pillboxes

You will walk across ground that was fought over during the Battle of the Bulge. You will visit private museums, see the foxholes and trenches, the Dragon's Teeth on the Siegfried Line, and find shell cases, ammunition boxes and other relics still lying in the ground.

What you won't be doing is sitting in a bus all day - instead you will be retracing the steps of the Fifth Panzer Army in the Schnee Eifel, traversing the "Heartbreak Crossroads" at Wahlerscheid, or looking at the places in St Vith that were defended by the American 7th and 9th Armored Divisions.

You will also get the chance to talk and listen to Battle of the Bulge veterans.

Large Tiger tank with people in front if it in La Gleize

(Hans Baumann, veteran of the Panzerjäger-Abteilung
of 12th SS Pz. Div. HJ who lost his Panzerjäger in Krinkelt, knocked out
by the 2nd Infantry Division, was onboard on one of the tours with the WPC, and receives a small token of aprreciation by the CO of this unit)

These tours are organized by or group, under the guidance of Hans Wijers or Piere Caes both in the area since 1993 and have been acting as a guide for units from the American, Danish and Dutch Armies, and for NATO personnel. I have also conducted tours for family members who wanted to find the place where their father or grandfather had fought all those years ago.

We can also offer tours tailored to personal requirements.

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