Below just a few images of the Stalingrad Battle. In the meantime my Photo Archive has growen to a total that goes far over 2500 photo's of the Stalingrad Battle. Personall photo's of veterans are rare, and sadly there are still people around who use them without permission. One example is a picture of the private collection of Joachim Stempel, which I added to my homepage at the very beginning without a copyright sign on it, and was immediately used for a book cover by Todd Jones (picture 7), without any credits, request for use, whatsoever and at other sites. (click on images for enlargement)
Stalingrad - after the Battle
Ruins of Stalingrad.
Picture taken by Gerhard Ulrich
The Road to Stalingrad
Panzer III of the 16th Panzer Division
ME-109 crahsed in Stalingrad
Outside Stalingrad on the Steppe
January 1943

Ruins in Stalingrad
Ruins in Stalingrad
German POW's in Stalingrad