Below some pictures of the several meetings of the Bund ehem. Stalingradkämpfer e.V.
Stalingrad Meeting - Radlinger (left) and Horst Zank
Stalingrad Meeting. The Band. In front the long tables where the veterans will sit.
Stalingrad Meeting. Veterans and Guests talking together. 2nd left Joachim Stempel (sitting at the table)
Stalingrad Meeting. On the right, Joachim Stempel.
Stalingrad Meeting. Entry of the Austrian Stalingrad veterans. Standing on the right with the emdals he earned, Rudolf Radlinger, Bundesobmann of the Austrian Bund Stalingradkämpfer.
Stalingrad meeting. A veteran of the Pz. Rgt. 2 of the 16th Panzer Division and a veteran of the 29th (ID).

Private meeting of Stalingrad veterans. Sadly most of of these great men are not alive.
Grom l. to. r. Götz Dornbach (24th Pz. Div), Erich Miethe (Luftwaffe - JU-52), Dr. Ernst Mannel (Doctor in the 29th ID), Erich Thomas (29th ID), and Joachim Stempel (14th PD)