Over the years I received items from the Stalingrad Battlefield for identification, etc. Some come from collectors, some from people visiting the former Stalingrad battle field. I will try to list what I have and update it with new items. However I cannot list all the ID-Tags that has been send to me, and together with WAST and VDK has been researched to find out who were the owners, and trying to find the family, so these can be given back to the relatives of a soldier of the 6th Army.

German helmet of Obgef. Alois Hoheneder, IR 54 of the 100. Jäger Division, found near Hill 102.
He is still listed as MIA.
Same helmet with front view. Here you can see how accurate the Russian snipers were.
This is the backside of the helmer, where the bullet left the helmet again, killing Obgefr. Hoheneder instantly.
A stencil used to mark vehicles of a certain unit. The '12' has been painted yellow on them.
Anyone know where this is been used for?
German typewriter, still working very well.
A group of Russian 'diggers'. Here they find parts
of a Sdkfz 11

A ski from a JU - 52 undercarriage.
A complete set of tools from a German medic. 

Iron pendant from Battlegroup Faber
(not yet found out what that Battlegroup was).
A German cigarette case.
In it was the German Assault Badge.
Harmonica. Sometimes there was time for 'pleasure'.

Assault Badge found in the Cigarette Case.
Ashtray. Inscription:
"Zur Freundl. Erinnerung Hauptmann Becker"
German Officer Shaving knife. Still sharp!

Whistle and pen found in pocket of German jacket.
Iron road sign with clearly vissible the yellow marking of the 14th Panzer Division.