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About us

Frederick Our love for the Field Spaniel began in 1989.
Bitches We had dogs as children and then about 20 years ago we developed an interest in showing and training them.
Cassie At one of these shows we met a  liver Field Spaniel and we were so impressed by her
Song that we decided this was to be our breed.
Indy Six months later a black Field Spaniel dog Brooklet's Lad joined our family.
Emily Once infected with the show bug one does not give up.
Iris Brooklet's Lad  had a splendid career showing and working. 
Bunny He gained several titles including a spaniel working certificate.
Rose In 1993 we imported the liver bitch Coralmist Chanterelle (Cassie).
Pictures Lad She became our  foundation bitch and she became a multi champion.
Pictures Cloud She kept her  beauty and at the age of 10 she won the Brussels Winner title, B.O.B and a place in the group.
Pictures Finnegan Several of her offspring became in different countries a champion.
Pictures Frederick Three of them are: Reedmace September Song, Reedmace Indian Summer, and Reedmace Dainty Maid.
Pictures Cassie  We also own the liver roan dog Reedmace Fenlight Finnegan and the liver roan bitch Soberhill Reedmace Flag.
Pictures Song We continue to breed under the affix "REEDMACE" when we want a new puppy for ourselves.
Pictures Indy Our aim is to try and maintain the typical breed characteristics particularly regarding good health,
Pictures Emily the ability to work and with a good temperament.
Pictures Iris Above all, our dogs are much loved friends.
Pictures Bunny
Pictures Rose

T & W.Wilbers

Griendtsveen (NL)