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Miscellaneous Activities: some things I am involved in which do not fit into the other categories on this homepage

CV in nutshell

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Me when I was a police officer After my police education, between 1977 and 1981, I have been working as a police officer in Amsterdam untill 1992.

The picture on the left was taken during my time at the traffic police, when I was in charge of the motor cycle brigade.
University of Amsterdam Between 1984 and 1989 I have been studying Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. The picture shows the Sociological Institute, located in the city center.

During my study I specialized in Sociology of Labour and Organizations. My thesis was about the impact of computerization on the quality of labour of police dispatchers at the emergency room of the Amsterdam city police.
VU University In 1991 I wrote a proposal for a study on the effect of computer use on everyday police patrol work. The Ministry of Internal Affairs was willing to give financial support and I switched over from the police to the VU-University of Amsterdam (picture).

Esther, Me and Fons
The day I presented my PhD-thesis in 1996, I recieved moral support from Fons Panneman and Esther Middelkoop.
In-pact logo

After I finished my PhD-fieldwork I started at In-pact in 1995, a police consultancy in the sphere of police and information technology, where I did establish a research team of social scientists carrying out studies on law enforcement and ICT.
As time went by the scope of the team widened to include police management and police and youth for example. In 2000 I moved to the Police Academy of the Netherlands with my group.

In 2004 I obtained a position with the NHL-University of Leeuwarden where I hold the chair Safety and Security (2004-2008).

In the autumn of 2008, at the beginning of a new term, the title of my chair changed into Cybersafety (2008-2012), following the direction that the research of my group had already taken during the last years.

Miscellaneous Activities

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  Onderzoeksreeks Onderzoeksreeks Onderzoeksreeks Onderzoeksreeks  

In 1996 I have set up a Dutch-language series of publications in the field of police studies. This series started as 'In-pact Research Series' (1996-2000). Today its name is 'Police Academy Research Series'. The series includes 22 volumes, published between 1996-2007. The series covers a wide range of police subjects, such as police and ICT, policing minority groups, police and youths, police management, police and forensic evidence, police and the organization of detective work. The list below shows all volumes. Volumes indicated with a (*) are still available and may be ordered here.

  • W.Ph. Stol (1996) Waar zit de winst van politieautomatisering?
  • W.Ph. Stol (ed) (1998) Politiewerk, mensen en digitalisering.
  • C.J.E. In 't Velt (1999) Politie en omgevingsanalyse.
  • J.M. van Kooten (1999) Effectief leiding geven bij de politie.
  • W.Ph. Stol, R.J. van Treeck en A.E.B.M. van der Ven (2000) Criminaliteit in cyberspace.
  • E.J. van der Torre en W.Ph. Stol (2000) Waardevolle politieverhalen: politie en Marokkaanse jongeren. (*)
  • C.J.E. In 't Velt, W.Ph. Stol en H.K.B. Fobler (2001) Zicht op geweld in 's-Hertogenbosch.
  • P.P.H.M. Klerks, P.S. Nijmeijer, N.M.E.A. Scholtes, J.G.M. van der Velde, C.J.E. In 't Velt en A.Ph. van Wijk (2002) De voorhoede van de opsporing:evaluatie van de kernteams.
  • R. Leiprecht (2002) Politiewerk in de multiculturele samenleving Duitsland / Polizeiarbeit in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft Deutschland (bilingual).
  • C.J.E. In 't Velt en W.Ph. Stol (eds) (2003) Politiekundige verkenningen 2002-2003.
  • A.Ph. van Wijk, E.J.A. Bervoets en W.Ph. Stol (2003) Ik ben geen slechte jongen, ik doe alleen slechte dingen: een inventarisatie van de problemen rond Antillianen in Nijmegen.
  • W.Ph. Stol en M.G.W. den Boer (eds) (2004) Politiekundige verkenningen 2003-2004.

  • A.Ph. van Wijk, B. Diependaal, E.J.A. Bervoets en W.Ph. Stol (eds) (2005) Politie en jeugd: een inleiding voor de praktijk.
  • S.R.F Mali, H. Quint, B. Diependaal en W.Ph. Stol (2005) Effectieve aanpakken jeugdige veelplegers. (*)
  • W.Ph. Stol en W.Broer (eds) (2005) Politiekundige verkenningen 2004-2005.
  • D. Korf en F. Bovenkerk (eds) (2005)Van de straat ... politie, multiculturaliteit en criminaliteitspreventie. (*)
  • W.Ph. Stol, N. Kop en P.A. Koppenol (2005) En spoor is geen spoor: naar een landelijke sporendatabank voor informatiegestuurde opsporing' (*)
  • W.Ph. Stol en R. van der Wal (eds) (2006) Politiekundige verkenningen 2005-2006. (*)
  • A.Ph. van Wijk, E.J.A. Bervoets en R. Boers (2007) Trots op Nederland. Achtergronden, kenmerken en aanpak van het Lonsdaleverschijnsel in Vernray, Zoetermeer en Aalsmeer. (*)
  • A.Ph. van Wijk en E.J.A. Bervoets (2007) Politie en jeugd. Inleiding voor de praktijk. (*)
  • N. Kop, T. Derksen, R. van der Lee en J. Hoekendijk (2007) Informatie-inwinning in de 'bovenwereld'. De wereld op zijn kop. (*)
  • H. Jonkmans en R. van der Wal (red.) Politiekundige verkenningen 2006-2007. (*)
TvP cover In 1996 and 1997 I joined the editorial staff of Dutch Handbook for Police Management. This handbook was published between 1993 and 1997 as a loose-leaf system, a form the publisher (correctly) believed to have no future in this digital era. The Dutch police discovered the world wide web and the possibilities of on line publishing during the mid ninetees. Still much is published on paper.
Also in 1996 I started the Dutch Police Pages, a website with the character of a web portal for police officers, guiding them to the most relevant 'blue sites'. In these years the internet was entirely new for the police. Together with some In-pact colleagues I maintained this web portal during 1996 and 1997. In 1998 the site became part of the national police internet domain. Nowadays one may find several 'blue portals' on the web, such as, in the .nl domain, Startkabel, Prikpagina and Startpagina. The police not need to maintain such internet portals themselves. In 1997 I publiched an article about my experiences as a webmaster in this pioneering phase. DPP
TvP cover TvP cover TvP cover The Dutch Police Journal was established in 1938. During the years 1997-2002 I was a member of its editorial staff. Among other things I had a regular column of which fifty editions appeared.
In 2002 I established the Journal of Safety, which is a peer reviewed journal in the Dutch language. It covers a wide range of subjects, for the most part in connection with community safety. I have been editor in chief during 2002-2005; today I am a member of the editorial board. Anyone interested in the Journal of Safety may click here. The Journal of Safety is also available on line. Today the chief editor is Jan Terpstra, senior university lecturer at the Radboud University of Nijmegen.   TvV cover  
NVIV homepage In 2004 I started the Dutch Society for Integrated Safety (NVIV - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Integrale Veiligheid). The core idea behind 'Integrated Safety' and 'Integrated Safety Management' is that no organization or group of people is able to solve public safety problems alone. The main goal of the Society for Integrated Safety therefore is to help people in the field public safety to meet each other and exchange experiences. I have been chair person of the board of this society during the first two years of its existance; I am still one of its board members. The today chair of the board is Hans Moors, who holds the chair Integrated Safety at the Avans University for Applied Sciences. Click on the picture to the right to visit the NVIV homepage. Don't forget to subscribe!
people-01 people-13 people-03 people-04 people-05 people-06 people-07 people-08 people-09 people-10 people-11 people-12
The NVIV's main goal is connecting people who work in the field of public safety!
  Since 2006 I am a member of the editorial staff of 'Panopticon' - the Belgian Journal of Criminology. Panopticon
  Veiligheidsstudies nr 2  

In 2007 I have set up a Dutch-language series of publications in the field of Safety and Security. The series name is "Veiligheidsstudies" ("Studies in Safety") and it includes 3 volumes to date, published between 2007 and 2008. Volumes indicated with a (*) are still available and may be ordered here.

  • E.R. Leukfeldt, K.W.C. van Straten, M.P. Kruis en W.Ph. Stol (2007) Ter plaatse. Alledaagse samenwerking tussen de primaire hulpdiensten. (*)
  • J. Kerstens, M. Toutenhoofd en W.Ph. Stol (2008) Wie niet weg is, is gezien. Gevalstudie over een proef met cameratoezicht in de Leeuwarder binnenstad. (*)

  • W.Ph. Stol, H.W.K. Kaspersen, J. Kerstens, E.R. leukfeldt en A.R. Lodder (2008) Filteren van kinderporno op internet. Een verkenning van technieken en reguleringen in binnen- en buitenland. (*)