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The webpage on skin permeation provides the underlying data for QSARs for the skin permeation coefficient of chemicals from aqueous solutions and the wet Stratum Corneum/Water partition coefficient. In addition, an application program in Excel has been added, which enables to estimate the absorbed dose from aqueous solutions, from vapours in air and from deposited amounts of substance on the skin. The source code of Visual Basic in all Excel applications is free.

The last revision of the program for estimating dermal absorption has been made on the 22nd of March in 2010. The revision concerned the estimation of the evaporated amount of a volatile substance from the stratum corneum after stopping exposure to an aqueous solution or to vapour in air. The revision has a marginal effect on the estimates.

The last revision of the dose-response webpage was made on 18 December 2006. This revision was a replacement of the doseresp.exe file by a more userfriendly Excel application with manual.