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This one we bought in England.  This everyday teapot was one of the first in our collection. Height 18 cm / width 22 cm. We visited Collorol at Uttoxeter road in Stoke on Trent in the late Eighties.


(courtesy of The Potteries Museum & Art gallery.)


1900-1912 Biltons Ltd

1912-1986 Biltons (1912) Ltd

June 1986 bought by Coloroll Ceramics

Aug 1990 became part of Staffordshire Tableware following management buyout of Coloroll

Sept 1994 put up for sale by Staffordshire Tableware

July 1995 management buyout from Staffordshire Tableware

Aug 1998 bought by Dubelle Foundation (offshore investment trust) split into Stoke Potteries Ltd. (manufacturing); Stoke Potteries (Holdings) Ltd.; and Biltons Tableware 1998 Ltd. (sales)

Jan 1999 in voluntary liquidation


London Road, Stoke


Manufacturers of low- to mid-price earthenware tablewares of traditional design. Although forming part of several mergers and takeovers the Biltons trade name continued in use as a distinctive marketing strength.


In 2001 the Museum received a collection of pottery from the Staffordshire Tableware factory prior to its sale. This included a range of Biltons’ wares.
A further large collection of Biltons' pottery and archive material was donated to the museum in November 2002. Some of this will be exhibited in the ceramics gallery in 2003




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