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In the year 1993 the three medium-sized porcelain manufacturers Schirnding, Kronester and Johann Seltmann Vohenstrauß merged to the SKV-Porzellan-Union Ltd. In august 2000 the brand Arzberg was added. Thus, the SKV-Arzberg-Porzellan Ltd. emerged which positioned itself clearly with the very traditional design trademark Arzberg. The trademark Arzberg is a synonym for perfectly shaped porcelain with the requirement at a timely and enduring design.

This Kronester Teapot and Teawarmer was bought in Düsseldorf, Germany about 5 years ago. By then of course it must have been at least 5 years old, since Kronester ceased to exist in 1993. It is 16 cm high and 16 cm wide.

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