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Award winning Organization Trade plus Aid® .

In a rural area of China a master craftsman who was trained as a youth by court masters of the Forbidden City has taught 180 villagers enamelling skills. Originally created by Limoges during 17th. Century France,enamels became fashionable in mid 18th Century Georgian England. European royalty then introduced them to Emperor Kangshee. He summoned the renowned French enamel specialist Jean Baptiste Gravereau to his Imperial Court and work began. All teapots are hand painted with colourful designs and famous paintings such as Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" and Picasso's "Child with Dove". There are twenty-three individual processes and eighty different tasks undertaken to produce a miniature enamel. Each piece is signed and numbered as a genuine Trade plus Aid® Collectable. There are over 400 different designs in the portfolio,with new ones being added all the time.

Trade plus aid, Fishersboat, the tea pots on this page are part of our own collection.

Height 9 cm / width 10 cm.

Trade plus aid: Whales.

Height 8 cm / width 9 cm

Trade plus aid: Lion

Height 9 cm / width 12 cm

Charlotte di Vita is a UK businesswoman & founder of Trade Plus Aid. Charlotte promotes ethical trading and has raised over $1.3 million for charitable, ethical and sustainable development projects around the world. In 1998 Charlotte was received an MBE from the Queen for her tireless charity work.

The Charlotte di Vita Collection is her latest project to help both villagers in China and generate funds for charitable projects elsewhere. The project involves 336 Chinese villagers who are reviving 18th Century enameling skills to create highly collectable teapots. The funds generated through this latest project will be used by Trade Plus Aid to assist some of the poorest communities in Africa and Asia.

To find out more about Trade Plus Aid you can visit their web site at http//www.tradeplusaid.com

Teapots are made using advanced quality and safety control measures, but the production methods are the same as the traditional techniques used in the 18th century. Up to 4 days and 129 tasks are required to make one teapot. Each piece is individually handcrafted, ensuring that no two pieces are ever identical.  Each teapot is hand numbered and beautifully gift boxed.


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