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Welcome! Hot Teapots is your online resource for teapots. Please see our collection on line. We aim to provide links to various producers to enable you to start your own collection. Expand your collection in our on-line store!We are adding new products all the time. 




On the 22nd of January 2004 (in the Western Calender) it is the Chinese New Year (for the year 4702): Then the Year of the Monkey will start.

What better opportunity to give a Chinese Monkey Teapot made by Cochin as a gift. Especially for those that were born in the Year of the Monkey themselves of course: in 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 or 2004

Pre-order yours through our store.

We made a trip to Britain in February 2004. We visited some great potteries. First of all Tony Carters Ceramics, where we saw some of their 2004 new teapots. Futhermore Henry Watson Potteris and Aston Potteries

Tony Carter Ceramics


Henry Watson Potteries


Aston Potteries (see left)


Left and right some of our two newest additions to the collection. The one on the right is from the Teapottery ,a classic that has been revived in 2003: "the Rucksack. Do you want to own these and other teapots from the Teapottery, click here

Left a cast Iron Chinese Teapot we bought in ´s Hertogenbosch.

Latest updates: ChaCult, Prettea and more. Click on the menu to the left for more.



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We collect our teapots mainly for decorative purposes, but some make actually really good teapots too. Use this link for some tips on making a really good pot of tea. click here

Of course the Globe is very suitable for teapot design. The pot to the left is a recent addition to the collection of the TeaPottery, we have seen it for real during a recent visit to the pottery and it is beautiful.


When Wim was in Schotland recently he came accross another pottery: Barbara Davidson, also known as the "Larbert Pottery".


Left: a sample from the Ballymorris pottery from Ireland.


Right: one of the beautiful and bright Cochin teapots. Buy them in our on line store.

Collecting teapots is becoming more and more fashionable. Many people have a strong interest in ceramic, porcelain, and silver creations that have developed from their once day to day shapes, sometimes centuries ago, into small works of art that are able to let the artists express themselves and are appreciated by the collectors.

Recent exhibitions in museums in the USA helped increase the interest in collecting teapots and make this a respected collecting item. Teapots are more and more serious works of art that would be looked upon the in the same way as paintings or sculptures (which regretfully makes them more expensive too). In many cases they combine features of both. Some collectors own thousands of pieces. There are different ways of going about when starting a collection. Find a not so well established artists and follow him/her through their career, go for the well established artists or just buy what you like when you see it as we do, there is nothing wrong with that. Any pot that appeals to you in either color, design, shape or feel is just the right one for you.


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