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Books on Teapots

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If you are into collecting teapots it might be very useful to read some more on the subject and also get to know more on the backgrounds of teapots. There is loads of stuff to buy, here is selection. More details for every book on Amazon.com.


500 Teapots

A sourcebook with 500 teapots. From handbuilt to wheel thrown, functional to sculptural, round to square, traditional to funky, ceramicists will encounter a little bit of everything in this artistic celebration.  They're all so stunning, you won't even have to drink tea to appreciate them! all in color


Collectible teapots

A longtime teapot collector and columnist gives a wealth of information on teapots from around the world, including tips on how to create, display, and store teapot collections, recognize manufacturers' marks, and brew an exquisite pot of tea. This book also offers fascinating historical background of teapots, including a nation-by-nation explanation of teapots from China, Japan, Europe, and the United States.



The eccentric teapot

Teapots selected for this book include both the delightful and unexpected and are a mixture of rare antiques, one-of-a-kind works by artists, and mass-produced industrial objects. Contemporary works tend to be featured. Perusing the book is a little like going to a surrealist tea party. Color photos are very nice. A fun book. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.


Teapots transformed

Comment of a reader:

This is quite simply the most beautifull book on teapots that I have ever seen. The photographs are stunning. The teapots are outrageous, ridiculous, fun, clever, inventive and some are even useable! If you love teapots you must buy this book!


The Artful Teapot

We have no additional information on this book, but it seems interesting. Should you agree or disagree, just drop us a line. We did not buy it so far.


Chinese Yixing Teapots.

Reader review:

Beautifully produced volume with quality paper and superb photography of very numerous,well chosen Yixing teapots. The author explores the relationship of teas and how the taste is effected by specific teapots. Quite a revelation. One can return to it over and over. If drinking tea and viewing masterfully produced Yixing teapots are meaningful to you, this volume is a must.


The Cube Teapot

Reader review:

I purchased this book to learn more about the cube shaped (and space saving) tea sets used on the Cunard ocean liners in the 1920's through the 1960's. It is a wonderful resource for collectors of ocean liner memorabilia but it also tells a facinating story of the development of the cube teapot. This book discusses the English pastime of taking tea and the quest to design the perfect teapot. The end result was a patented cube design produced in beautiful, collectible colors and patterns. This book is a must for collectors and history buffs alike. Happy reading!


English Pottery and Porcelain Marks: Including Scottish and Irish Marks


Teapots Transformed: Exploration of an Object
Reader review:

This is quite simply the most beautifull book on teapots that I have ever seen. The photographs are stunning. The teapots are outrageous,ridiculous,fun,clever,inventive and some are even useable! If you love teapots you must buy this book!


Teapots (Christie's Collectibles)
Reader review:

This is the most illuminating and informative book about teapots that I have ever read.


British Teapots and Tea Drinking

The Beauty of Chinese Yixing Teapots: And the Finer Arts of Tea Drinking
Reader review:

This is a real stunner for anyone who has a penchant for YiXing teapots. When I received this lovely work as a Christmas gift, I was so stunned, I almost cried. Lim Kean Siew is obviously a great lover of these unique teapots and this book does a beautiful job of displaying that love. The photos are perfectly lit, show fine detail and make you really want each teapot!



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