For Windows users:

If you lime to play chess against the computer or if you are interested in matches between chess programs (with a WinBoard or UCI interface),
you can download Queen 4.05c, of 25 March 2021. This has an improved GUI, with a chessboard similar to that of my Android app Senior Chess.
It also has built-in test positions, to be used as instructive exercises.

Queen will play much better in openings if you also use the separate (binary)
opening book (about 2 MB, zipped), based on files supplied by Carlos Pesce.

Special engine version (WinBoard/UCI)

If you want to use Queen only for machine-machine games (using the WinBoard or UCI protocol)
and you encounter any problems with the above general version due to Queen's
graphical user interface, please use Queen402Eng, which is merely a chess engine, without a GUI.

For more information, download the files readme.txt and queen.txt.

For Android users:

If you have an Android smart phone or tablet, you may try my app Senior Chess, based on Queen.

To show Senior Chess in action, I made an animation video.

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