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When all 'griffins' join hands, the work will quikly be done....!

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Finding the origin of the Griep's and the Grijp's is a job, to big for one person.

This project will only succeed, when everybody does a part of the work, and shares what he finds with the other participants.

On this page you will read how this can be done.



  This website is made with the purpose, to gather as much information as possible about the following issues:
  • People with the surnames Griep, Grip, Grijp and Gryp, and their origin.
  • The possible relationship between those families.
  • The relations that existed through the centuries between the countries around the North and Baltic Seas, when relevant for this project.
  • The griffin as a heraldic symbol, and the possible relationship with the way the names Griep/Grip/Grijp are spread in these countries..


  This goal can be reached in the following way:
  • Everyone carrying our names, and all those other people that are interested, will try to find as much information on this issues he can find in his own region and in line with his own skills.
  • This can be information about yourself and the origin of your family, but also about the other subjects that are discussed on this site.
  • This site is the platform on which this information can be exchanged. Doing this, it will grow and grow and become more complete by every contribution.


  There are three ways in which you can deliver your contributions:
  • You can send the information you found as a text-file (e.g. Word) to the moderator of this site, so he can use it on this pages.
  • You can use the information to make your own page, and send this page as a whole to the moderator.
  • You already have a website of your own, or are planning to make one; in that case a link can be placed on this website.

The second option, to make your own page for this site, goes like this:

  • Open the site, and save one of the pages (preferably the one that comes closest to what you are planning to make) on your hard disk.
  • Replace -- using a html-editor -- the text and images on that page by those of yourself.
  • Give the page a new name and send it, as an attachment with a e-mail-message, to the moderator of this website.



Sent your contributions to the moderator of this site (e-mail-address: or to the person to whom is referred to on the page in question.
Look in the
<Hall of Fame> who is already joining.


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