GRIP from Finland
A Swedish name in the land of the thousand lakes
As far back as 1689, people by the name of Grip are living in Finland. Although, because of the nature of the Finnish language, a name like that could not have its origin here. In most cases a finnish Grip seems to descents from Swedish soldiers. Until 1809, Finland is a province of Sweden.
In the following places there are records of a Grip in the archives.

'Rotf.' Karl Grip lived in the house 'Mattila' in the village Lill Einäs. He died 81 years old, on November 27, 1842. On December 4, 1842, he was buried at Asikkala.

Hartola / Gustavs Adolfs

Henric Grip, 'Jägaren (Alleviivattu)', and his wife Eva Christers from Vastamäki, had a daughter by the name Maria on August 28, 1777. On August 31 she was baptized at Hartola.

Hailuoto / Karlö

On June 17, 1788, soldier Johan Grip from the village of Kyrckby.p died, 47 years old. The cause of death was noted in swedish as 'flussf.'. He was buried at Hailuoto/Karlö om June 22.

In 1795 the 16 years old Susanna Grip drowned in the Baltic Sea. She was buried on August 22, 1795, at Hailuoto/Karlö.

Zachris (Zacharias) Grip was born in 1779, and served as a soldier in the Kemi company of the 'Kongl. Österb. Reg.'. He married on March 27, 1799, at Hailuoto (swedish name Karlö), an island near the city of Oulu, to 'Torp.d:rn' Margaretha Henrici Tallqvist. On February 10, 1801, they had a daughter at Kyrckoby that was named Margaretha. On April 23, 1809, his wife died 45 years old, from the stabbing of an insect.
On June 7, 1812, he remarried to Lisa Perätalo and on June 31 a daughter is born: Elsa. On August 6, 1815, these parents had a son: Jacob Grip.
Zachris died on June 1820, 50 years old, because of 'svällsj.'. One day later he was buried at Hailuoto/Karlö.

On April 21, 1820, the 78 years old Lisa Joh.dr. Grip from Bäckeby died because of a stroke. She was buried at Hailuoto/Karlö on April 30.

Helsinki / Helsingfors

'Forman' Johan Grip was born in 1697. On June 30, 1724, a daughter Brita was baptized at Helsinki. On October 20, 1745, he remarried to Anna Maria Henrichsdr. On March 30, 1753, they had a daughter Maria Christina. Johan died on November 27, 1757, from pneumonia and was buried one day later at Helsinki.

'Forman' Johan Grip and his wife Gretha Johannesdr.(40) had a daughter by the name of Ulrika, born December 22, 1810. On October 8, 1813, a twin was born: Gustaf Adolph Grip and Fredrik Wilhelm Grip. Both are baptized at Helsinki on the same day.

Henric Grip from Hauho died in 1851 from pneumonia. He was buried on Febrary 26.


Soldier Carl Grip, from the house 'Heickilä' at Paimila, and his wife Eva Michelsdr. had a daughter named Anna on September 17, 1796. One day later she was baptized at Hollola.


Soldier Michel Grip from Hångaluoma, 25 years old, married to Marget Johansdr. from Katkå, 22 years old, on October 17, 1762. On June 15, 1765, their daughter Marja was born. The next day she was baptized at Honkajoki. The family lived at the village Hongaluoma.

Hämeenlinna / Tavastehus

Soldier Petter Grip (Sold. wid Guarn.) and his wife Maria Andersdr. Holst had a son named Andreas Grip, born on October 9, 1729. Next day he was baptized at Hämeenlinna. On September 13, 1730, another son was born: Christopher Grip.

On July 21, 1844, 'Lösdrifv.' Matts Grip from Ruovesi was buried at Hämeenlinna. He died from a stroke.

Ikaalinen / Ikalis

On July 18, 1747, Lisa was born at Ikaalinen, a daughter of Mattz Grip.
On July 29, 1749, the 10 year old Mattz Mattsson Grip died. He was buried on July 30 at Ikaalinen.

Soldier Matts Grip was born in 1731. He and his wife Carin Jacobsd:r had a son named Johannes Grip, born on July 13, 1752, at Ritiälä and baptized the next day. On December 16, 1755, they had a daughter Anna who was baptized on December 21.
On January 1, 1759, Matts Grip married at Ikaalinen to Anna Andersdr. On May 20 that year they had a son Johannes Grip, that was baptized May 24. On December 16, 1760, they had a daughter named Maria, baptized on December 21. Matts Grip died, 29 years old, from pneumonia on August 6, 1761. The next day he was buried at Ikaalinen/Ikalis.

On February 14, 1794, Agneta Ironia was born at Ikaalinen. She was the daughter of soldier Christiaan Grip.


Soldier Hemming Grip and his wife Walb. Wijnicain from Kutomaj had two childeren. On October 29, 1781, Joh. was born and on January 17, 1784, his brother Mar. Both were baptized at.Kangasniemi.

Karkku en Suoniemi

'Reserf' Johan Grip from Kutala married on February 18, 1802, at Karkku to Caisa Henricsdr. On January 26, 1804, their daughter Lena was born. She was baptized on January 29 at Suoniemi.

Kirkkonummi / Kyrkslätt

Johan Grip, 'Wice Sold. Corporal' from Gäddes böhle, married at November 1, 1790, to the 21 year old Margaretha Joh.dr. from Leivosböhle Peji. They had five children baptized at Kirkkonummi, at which occasions Johan is respectively referred to as: 'Masaby Såld, Leivosböle Såld en Hindersby Såld'.
On July 30, 1792, Gustaf Grip is born (baptized on July 31), on January 20, 1795, Eva Lovisa (baptized January 21), on June 10, 1797, Adolf Fredr. Grip (baptized June 11), on December 17, 1799, Eva Sophia (baptized December 18) and on December 27, 1800, Andreas Grip (baptized on the same day).

Kokkola / Gamlakarleby

On December 18, 1689, a daughter named Maria of 'Tullnär' Sven Grip is baptized at Kokkola.

Kronoby / Kruunupyy

On June 19, 1808, Anders Grip was born, son of the soldier Anders Andersson Grip and Magdalena (29). On the same day he is christened at Kronoby.


Former soldier and 'Torper' at Pundari Matts Grip, and his wife Lena Henricsdr., had a daughter named Henrica, born on January 15, 1826. On the same day she is christened at Kuhmalahti. On July 1, 1831, a twin was born to these parents: Gustaf and Henric Grip (baptized on July 3).


On September 22, 1812, farm hand Matts Mattson Grip and his fiancée Anna Henrichsdr., had a daughter named Lena Ulrica. She is christened on September 24 at Kuru.
On December 29 these parents, who both are from Taipale Tanhuanpää, married at Kuru.
After that, they had five other children:
On January 16, 1814, Anna Lisa (christened on January 20), on April 10, 1816, Henrich Grip (christened April 12l), on March 31, 1819, Hedvig (christened April 4l), on September 2, 1824, Mathias Grip (christened on the same day) and on April 31, 1828, Eva Justina (christened May 2).


Rifleman Pehr Grip from Heickilä and his wife Brita had a child on October 1, 1791. Next day it is christened at Kuusamo, and named Walborg.

Lapinjärvi / Lappträsk

'Regm. till ft.' Matts Grip died on May 13, 1741. He is buried on May 18 at Lapinjärvi.


On November 13, 1836, 'Drg.' Matts Thomass. Grip married to Eva Johansdr. Both were from Leppävesi Harhala. Two weeks later, on November 28, 1836, their son Johan Grip was born and was baptized on November 30 at Laukaa. On March 22, 1840, Matts Grip was born. He was christened on March 29.
On August 3, 1844, Matts Grip remarried to 25 year old Maria Henriksdr. ('Tj.pig.'). This couple had 8 children, who were all christened at Laukaa. On June 22, 1845, Lena (christened June 29), on August 16, 1850, Ida (christened August 18), on April 11, 1852, Casper Grip (christened April 20l), on March 9, 1854, Alexander Grip (christened March 30) and on July 19, 1856, Otto Grip (christeded July 20). During this period they moved from Leppävesi 10 to Leppävesi 16. On June 21, 1858, again a child is born by the name Otto Grip (christened June 29), on June 18, 1860, Henrika (christened June 24) and on June 17,1862, again Otto Grip (christened June 29).

On December 26, 1870, Johan Grip married at Laukaa to Maja Lena Gustafsdr. Both are from Leppävesi Harhala. On December 12, 1872, their son August Grip was born, and christened on December 22 at Laukaa. On August 10, 1877, they got a twin, Ida Maria en Alexius Grip, baptized August 12 at Laukaa.


Soldier Eric Grip and his wife Johanna Pet:d: from Puhari had two children baptized at Längelmäki. On September 15, 1803, Michael Grip was born (christened September 19) and on April 8, 1805, daughter Johanna Sofia (christened April 11).

Farmer Matts Karlsson Grip and his wife Ester Jakobs dr had a daughter on September 29, 1810. On October 1 she is baptized at Längelmäki and named Johanna.


Matts Grip from Hÿrsilä Langi married on October 15, 1797, to Stina Elis, daughter of a councillor.


On June 16, 1831, 'Drg' Isaac Grip is murdered, 28 years old. He was buried at Peräseinäjoki.

Raisio / Reso

On January 17, 1836, 'Pig qp' Maria Johsdr Grip moved from Kangasala to live in the village of Järämäki in the community Raisio. On January 17, 1837, she moved the other way again.


Soldier Pär Anderss. Grip from Kyrckby married on December 23, 1738, at Ruokolahti to 'pig' Caisa Pärsdr. Waldoin. She also was from Kyrckby.


On December 23, 1804, 'reservekarl' Pehr Pehrsson Grip married at Ruovesi to 'pig' Brita Josephsdr. from Peka.

'Afsk.sold.' Anders Mattss. Grip, who lived at Värinmaja, died on October 7, 1851. His age was 90 years, 3 months and 6 days. On October 12 he was buried at Ruovesi.


On May 10, 1818, Johan Johanss. Grip died 31 years old at Tammela. He is a rifleman in the Tavastehus Bataillon*. The cause of death is pneumonia.
(*Jäg. v. T:hus bat: T:hus comp. af Kejs. F. jäg. Regem tog)

Tenhola - Tenala

Farmer Arvid Grip and his wife Maria Erichsdr., living in the villageKrokby, got a daughter on August 13, 1723. She is baptized on August 18 at Tenhola and named Elisabeth.
On October 25, 1742, Arvid Grip remarried to 'Pig.' Maria Jöransdr. from Smedzede. On September 16, 1745, they had a daughter named Sophia, baptized on September 19 at Tenhola.


Farmer Henrik Grip and his wife Greta Eriksdr., who lived in the house 'Kivistö' in the village Livala, had two children baptized at Tyrväntö. On January 7, 1831, a son is born named Henrik (christened January 16) and on August 7, 1833 a daughter Henrika (christened August 11).


Tobias Henrss. Grip was born in 1795. On November 20, 1835 he left Ylihärmä for Längelmäki. A year later, on November 19, 1836, he returned in Ylihärmä from Härmä. Although he left Ylihärmä again on October 31, 1841, he must have been returned again, because on January 16, 1844, he died there en buried on January 21. When he died, his age was 48 years, 8 months and 13 days.

The records of this page, plotted on a map of Finland.
It shows no pattern which could tell us something about the distribution of the name.
The only notable thing is that the name Grip, although its 'swedish' sound, is found particularly in regions where the finnish language is spoken.

The information on this page is from the 'Genealogiska Samfundet i Finland', partly brought together by Guy Björkholm from the Municipal Museum of Jakobstad/Pietarsaari in Finland.

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