Long time no hear from anybody................ What's up in racing?????


We have already 7 or 8 teams this weekend so there can still enter 2 more .............................


Check the page Teamrace 2006.

We have already 3 English teams who are coming.

Maximum is 10 teams for our racesystem so if you want to come .........


Check the Esroc news page for info about next year .......


The results from the Multi Dutch Open are on the site


Almost 2 weeks to go to the Multi Dutch Open............................... 5 and 6 November




I came back late in the evening yesterday after an expensive weekend for me where my car was broken on the way to Pilzen and forgot my body's.The problem with the body's I could solve just made a few new ones. I still had a hole day to work on that.

I was only coming for the gr 7 to drive. I don't drive the gr 27 anymore. I think it gets to expensive with the setups and to get good arms. I tried to get better stuff for the last few years but no way. Well if you pay really a lot you can get some but for me it still is a hobby. If this goes on I think it will die in a few years and the few guys who have good motors can drive a lonely race.

I made a proposal for entering a gr12 boxstock to the championchip whitch is one of the biggest classes in the States.

It is cheap, the motors run very nice and I think we need more drivers to start.

I hope this will get very serious for next year.

If anybody has another idea or think it will work or not please let me now by mail



We decided that next year the race will be held in the second weekend of Marz. It is 2 month's before the worlds and cheaper to get plane tickets.

We have a new president for the Esroc the next 3 years. Kimmo wanted already longer to stop but now we have voted for a new one.

His name is the European Champion gr 27 Vlado Okali


Next year the EC will be held in Germany if they get the track ready.

The deadline is the first of december. If they don't say yes for a go then it will be held in I think Sweden where also the track isn't ready but with the excellent builders they have I dont think it's a problem.

If both can't make it we will go to Kouvola where they have a fast track as you now from the last Worlds.

Later I will give more info on the Esroc page.

Any new things about Esroc ( if I get news ) I will put it on my web at the Esroc page.

The results from the European Championchip you can find at the Esroc page.


Today I'm going to Tjechie to drive the gr 7 for the EC so I won't be here this weekend.

Let you now the results as soon I'll be back.


I am working on the invitation for the dutch open championchip. soon it will be on the web.

you can send me a mail if you want to come or have questions about that.

the date is 5 and 6 november.



I have been thinking about Kouvola and there were 2 world records in qualifying. Better than that is not possible. However in the race there were a lot of crashes . I think it came because we were driving with 14 volt's during racing. It should be better next time to do on 13,5 volt's. Leo warned me last year for the Imca worlds at the MRTU

It will be a pleasure to go back over there for a race.


You can find the results at the web from Kouvola


Yesterday I came back from Finland after missing my plane and a long day at the airport. My own results were no good this time but that's slot racing. As I saw at Imca slot racing that JP thinks I used his motors he lend to me last year for the EC.

Yes I used them last year( 2 the other3 were to slow) and they are ready to send to him ( almost a year) if he will give me his address ( have only asked him that for 20 times) but a man has to write what he thinks is needed..............

I had a good time in Finland the same as Maurice Bak, It was his first Worlds and only second race in the fast gr 7. He was very nervous but learned a lot again. Maybe he will come with me to Tjechie for the EC in September.

I hope I have better results there than this time. I wasn't alone a lot of good drivers missed the main because of the lot of entrances. 47 driver in the gr 7. Unbelievable so many drivers in the fastest class and without being paid to come..........

I wait for the links with all of the results as soon as possible I put them on my site............

Bill Skinner (USA) and Jose ze Mario Serra (Brazil). Skinner broke the G27 World Record in round 1 at 1.777, then in round 2 improved with a 1.751! Jose Mario Serra then cut that to establish a new G27 World Record of 1.748!!!

Fastest Guys.... Gugu & Jose Mario....

Gugu's 1.503 World Record Car
body: red fox - fox
tires: redfox - new rubber (available soon)
motors: 1 kof, 1 pk
gears: redfox
controller: difalco chassis: zap


Tomorrow at 4:45 am Maurice and me are leaving to Finland to drive the worlds in gr 27 and 7.

Hope I can get to the main  I will let you now in a week when I come back..............


The rulebook for ESROC has been changed . Only the blue marked areas .

One week to go and then I go to Finland for the worlds gr 27 and gr 7.

Hope I can get to the main but there are more who want that. I heared that there are coming a lot of drivers about 50 each class. I now it next week hope to see you all in Kouvola


This weekend the first race for the Lowlands Trophy in Uden. Saturday practice and Sunday's the race. For the schedule check Dutch news.......




I want to go to the worlds in Kouvola and have a good result.

I only have a small problem . I need PK arms. Does someone has the E-mail where I can order them..........


As for the gr 12 wingcar at our club we just got the Cahoza setups and will test them this week. Lets see if we can have a new track record. I only did one race this year. Time isn't on my side till now but I hope that I can drive this friday evening and going fast. Jan Mantjes and Philip de Vries are also back at racing the " Old " cracks are going well.

I also want to go to the Nats but I need some info about planes hotels chassis body,s

Please give me some info.....





You can find the website easier now.

a smaller name and easier to keep in mind.





teamrace gr 12

Race Results



Place: Uden

Date: 30.1.2005

Organizer: MRTU UDEN

Race director: Eus

Track name: BLUE KING























Modified Racing




The Killers








Adrian Animals




La Follie




The Flying Crew




The Best of Lutece




Dream Team




W & M





The invitation for the teamrace 2005


The last race of this year has been driven last friday and I wish all of you and the visitors the best wishes for 2005.

Hope to hear from you again next year and have a good time with your family and friends.


regards Douwe



the results of the  Open Dutch gr 12 wing car are on the site.

results Open Dutch


We have driven the euro sport and the GT12 on both the tracks and we have a German champion for euro sport gr12 and a Dutch for the GT12.

Rudi Kamieth and Viktor Egelmeer.

More news will come soon. I have to get up early to drive the gr 12 wingcar . i hope to put the results on the web on sunday evening.



6 and 7 November is the date for the Multi Dutch Championchip gr 12 wingcar,gr12 Eurosport and GT12


The Invitation for the  Open Multi Dutch Championchip 2004


ultimate gr7





If anyone still needs a hotel you can try this ones.

In Uden everything is full.

These are in a range of 15-20 kilometers







If you arrive in Uden by bus you van call a cab when you arrive at the bussstation.

The phone number is +31 (0) 413250400

I'll put the time scedule at the page racekalender for the races.




I changed the foto of the controller with names  for the wiring of your controller. 



This sunday there will be a  practice for gr 12 wingcars.

The club is open from 10 AM till 16 PM.



When you don't have booked already you can try this hotel/bistro called Tante Pietje on the next site 





Here are a few foto's about the plugs you need for your controller. I also took a photo of the track. To get to the MRTU you can look at this sites.

http://www.ns.nl   this site is for the train schedule

http://www.bba.nl  this site is for the bus schedule  


http://www.9292ov.nl on this site you can find a combination

regards Douwe

  baan1klein.JPG (71584 bytes) inpluggenklein.JPG (66682 bytes) europlugklein.JPG (90035 bytes)




Soon I will do another test on our track to see what kind of car is going well for me.I think till now that the extreme 2 chassis is good. Vlado setup with PK arms are the best. The hardest lane will be lane black in the vinger. The power on the track is more then enough. I prefer to drive with 13,5 volt instead of 14 volt but we will see what the most drivers want to drive.                                                                                        If anybody wants to now something for the race you can ask me.              





Ultimate gr 7

I hope that there will also come guy's like Kamil Klapka and Skinner and other's who are not on the list. If anybody else wants to drive at the Ultimate gr 7 in August please let me now. I really hope this will be a succes because there are not so many races anymore



Invitation European Championchip gr 27 and 7