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I make a living programming computers.  I decided to become a professional programmer after using a HP computer at school.  We had to program that machine in BASIC using Teletype terminals, paper tape and punch cards.  A couple of years after that, I started to work for a software company that developed applications for the Wang VS computer in COBOL.  That was back in 1979.  Up to this day, the Wang VS is still my favorite computer.  I can create Wang VS applications in Assembler, BASIC, COBOL, 'C' and procedure language.  Some of the money I earn working on the Wang VS is spent on buying Atari computers.  Even though Atari Corp. no longer exists, my affection for the Atari computers remains.  But the Wang VS will always be my favorite computer.  And the nice thing is, you get them for free sometimes.  One of the Atari machines in my collection is an Atari ST Book.  I use this notebook computer to develop and document applications.  The most important application I am developing is the Wang VS emulator.  This way, I can use my second most favorite computer to emulate my most favorite computer.  Since I am used to writing programs in portable 'C', the Wang VS emulator also runs on the PC, and probably on other platforms too.  The PC version is available for download on the Wang VS emulator home page.  Some of my Atari programs can be found on my Atari XL/XE home page.  Follow the links below to find out more.
WANG VS                - The Wang VS emulator home page
ATARI XL/XE      - Atari 8 bit: The Classic Atari computers
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