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Some programs for the Classic Atari
These programs are for use with the Atari 400/800 and the Atari XL/XE series of computers.  Most of them are PC programs, intended to make the PC do something useful for a change.  Documentation and source code is included with these programs.  The PC programs are written in standard portable 'C' code, so if you use a different computer, you can port the program.  To download the zip files, hold down your shift key while clicking on the links below.
Format description of Diskcomm archives

In order to be able to convert to and from the Diskcomm archive format, I had to find out the format of the Diskcomm archives.  After disassembling the code, I wrote up these specifications.  If you are interested, you can download these specifications.
Download the .dcm file format specifications now!

The Diskcomm archive to SIO2PC archive converter

Convert files that are in the .dcm format to the .atr format.  This program for the PC lets you convert the .dcm files that you can download from various places to the format used by SIO2PC and almost all of the emulators.  Version 1.01.
Download the DCM2ATR utility now!

The Digital Cassette Image system

Store your cassettes on the PC.  With this PC program, you can extract the data from your cassettes for the Classic Atari.  First record the sound on your PC and save it as a .wav file.  Then create a .cas file out of this which can be used to load your data on the Classic Atari from the PC.  Version September 30th, 2003.
Download the WAV2CAS utility now!

Create a clean .wav file from a Digital Cassette Image

Convert the Digital Cassette Image file back to a .wav file, and play it through the sound card.  Record the sound on a cassette tape, so that it can be used on a real Atari cassette unit again.
Download the CAS2WAV utility now!

Create a .cas file out of a .xex file

Program written by Gienek.  It will take a DOS file, optionally add a boot loader, and allow you to play these DOS files from cassette.  Use the CAS2WAV utility to convert the .cas file to a .wav file which can be written to a cassette.
Download the XEX2CAS utility now!

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