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My Garden:

Exotic Garden Veenendaal


A very small garden in Veenendaal a town between Utrecht and Arnhem, Netherlands.

The front garden is a bit mediterainian like with plants liking dry soil and full sun. Like: cacti, yucca and agave. Some plants from South Africa and Australia, kniphofia and Cordyline and bottlebrushes. For the jungle looks some palms and bamboos.

The garden in the backyard is very jungle like more shade and moistere. Bamboos and some bigleaved plants like Musa basjoo, Canna, Dicksonia antarctica, Gunnera tinctora, Tetrapanax papyrifera. The soil is completely covered with plants.

Due to a very mild ’walled’ situation is very little wintercover needed (zone about 7a).

If you like to contact me: rinusvandenberg@planet.nl telephone: 0031318-515759 or cellphone 00316-24766357

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Unfortunately you cannot read any of the content of my homepage, sorry for you not understanding the beautiful Dutch language.

I'm not willing to translate the whole page for the English reading audience, because most of it is a practical guide of growing tender plants in the Dutch and Belgian area. Links to other parts of this homepage or other homepages are underlined (you just need to "click" your mouse).

I'm a teacher and one of my hobbies is of course: plants.

I can reveal a little about the plants on the boundary of hardiness here, and the climate we live in.


The Dutch climate

The Dutch climate is reasonably mild, even in winter. But we (and the plants) suffer from a lot of humidity (rain/snow). This in combination with (sudden) periods of severe cold (down to -20 ºC) makes it rather hard to grow tender plants.

But there are some possibilities and even challenges.



Plants like Cupressus sempervirens, hardy Fuchsias, Bamboos, Fatsia japonica, Ficus carica, some Yucca's and cacti are rather easy to grow.



Plants like Palms (Trachycarpus, Rhapidophyllum, Sabal, Chamaerops), Bananas are more difficult to grow.  But with some help of common sense and a little prayer, these plants can be grown here.


Other plants can be seen in the plant lists of course Latin, they might give you more clues. To understand something about the Dutch/Belgian situation.



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