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How HansvWs Euro 2012 Football Casino works:

  • The Euro 2012 tournament takes 31 matches: 24 matches in the groups and 7 matches in the second round.
  • For each of these matches a participant in HansvWs Football Casino selects one of both playing teams.
  • The participant gets for each match the result of the selected team, multiplied by the casino-factor:
    • the result of the selected team = 3 points when this team wins, 0 points when this team looses and 1 point when its a draw;
    • the casino-factor = 1 plus the number of casino participants that selected the other team divided by the total number of casino participants.
  • Example: 5 participants choose team A, 15 participants choose team B.
    • When A wins, the 5 participants get 3*(1+15/20) = 5,25 points and the 15 get nothing.
    • When B wins, the 15 participants get 3*(1+5/20) = 3,75 points and the 5 get nothing.
    • When the match ends in a draw, the 5 get 1*(1+15/20) = 1,75 points and the 15 get 1*(1+5/20) = 1,25 points.
  • For all 31 matches the points are accumulated and published on the Results pages.
  • For the matches in the second round, the result after extra time and including penalty shooting is the result that counts for HansvWs Football Casino.

How to participate in HansvWs Football Casino:

  • Use the Entry forms to send me your participation.
  • At (ir)regular intervals I will publish the subscriptions Ive received by then on the Results pages.
  • The ultimate moment for sending me your selections is one day before the first match on a form is played.
  • As many participants as possible may compete in HansvWs Football Casino - and HansvW will decide what is possible.
  • And I almost forgot: this is a FREE Casino!

What you can win with HansvWs Football Casino:

  • The participant who gets the most points earns World Wide Fame !! (and that should be sufficient).

What else to do:

  • Invite your friends, family, collegues or anybody else who might be interested and find out who of your group is the real football expert!