Naar de nederlandse pagina om mee te doen aan HansvW’s Football Casino ...




    It’s an easy job to participate...:

All matches are presented on the five pages below; on each page the following information should be provided:

  • Your name: be sure to use the same name on all five pages!
  • Country: Just for my interest ... please fill in your country at least on the first page
  • E-mail address: if you specify it, you will receive an automatic confirmation about the choices that you submitted; and besides, I can send you a reminder. (I will not publish such e-mail address nor use it for other purposes.)
  • And most important: select for each match one of both teams.
  • Finally, press the BUTTON at the bottom of each page.

After this, an e-mail with your selections will be sent to me. And you will then be presented a “Thank you” page, where you can select how to continue.





All group matches

Fri 08 .. Tue 19 June


Quarter finals 1 & 2

Thu 21 and Fri 22 June


Quarter finals 3 & 4

Sat 23 and Sun 24 June


Semi finals

Wed 27 and Thu 28 June


Final match

Sunday 01 July