Iceland Gull Larus glaucoidus at Katwijk aan Zee, March 2004

All photographs by Menno van Duijn
On March the 6th, 2004, Bienze and Kapser were happily surprised to find a Iceland Gull Larus glaucoidus on the shore of Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands. Ironically, at the same time Maarten and some of his fellows drove all the way to Rotterdam to have a look at the long-staying Iceland Gull in the harbor over there, while most of their weekends are spend at the place this bird turned up.

There is a wise lesson we can learn from this happening. For the weather was very bad on this given day, Ben and Kapser decided to start with a good breakfast and only left home at 10am or so. The first place they stopped and had a look in the rain, was at The Uitwatering at Katwijk aan Zee. Somehow, Kapser found out he had forgotten his binoculars and telescope, but took Ben's telescope and started to check the gulls resting on the river side of The Watering. Ben took his binocs and scanned the shore. Immediately, he noticed an aberrant gull. He yelled "Burgemeester!!!" towards Kapser. Kapser had a quick look through the telescope and could finish the bird of as being a Iceland Gull. The news was spread through the Dutch Birding pager system and Menno and Franky D. arrived soon. But, unfortunately the bird decided to fly south along the coast. In the afternoon, Franky found the bird again. In the days, weeks and even months to follow, the bird was present now and then. It gave many, many birders the opportunity to have some nice views, if not their first views ever, of this beautiful species.

Iceland Gull @ Katwijk Iceland Gull @ Katwijk

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