About K3Guitune

K3Guitune is a program that lets you tune a musical instrument using your computer and its microphone. It takes the microphone input, determines its frequency, and displays where on the note scale that is using an oscilloscope and a note scale graphic. K3Guitune supports three different tunings: normal, Wien and physical. It's a port to KDE 3 of the K2Guitune program by Florian Berger. It is not likely to run out of the box on other systems than Linux, but porting should be easy. K3Guitune has been translated into Dutch, German, French and Slovak.
The latest release is K3Guitune 1.01.

I stopped maintaining K3Guitune after release 1.01. It incorporates the last contributions I received (the Slovak translation by Jozef Riha). I stop maintaining K3Guitune because I no longer use Linux as my primary desktop operating system. If you want to make a new release, or want to port K3Guitune to KDE 4, you are of course free to do so.