The Ford Amsterdam (NL) factory between 1981 to 2006

Part 1 - Ford Transcontinental 1975-2005

You may wonder what the titel of this section is about. Well as you can read in the section about the Amsterdam plant, the site still remains, although today it is converted and in use as a coal bulk terminal. Last year I came in contact with Kees, another Dutch Ford Transcontinental fan living near to Amsterdam who told me that he had a friend who was working at the bulk terminal. This guy managed to arrange a once-only visit for us to the remains of the site.

Well we did it in style. We went there with Kees his Transcontinental which is one of the very first built in 1975. Exactly 30 years after its assembly it went back into the remains of the former assembly factory. In one of the offices inside one of the buildings we even found some air pictures from the site as it was in operation during the seventies and a picture of the demolution of the site in the late eighties and early neighties. We were allowed to make copies of the pictures and you can find them on this site.

Special thanks goes out to Erwin Jansen for providing me the great story and images of the Dutch Ford factory remains

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FORD NL - After the gates closed