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Eye to Eye 
by Frans Lanting, Christine Eckstrom
National Geographic
The wildlife Photographs
African Elephants
by Reinhard Kunkel (Photographer) 
Frans Lanting, a Dutch American photographer, delivers yet another extraordinary book drawn from time spent alongside African waterholes, Antarctic beaches, and North Pacific islands, among other locales. Lanting chronicles the lives of residents such as the aye-aye of Madagascar, the elephant seal of California, and the caiman of Brazil. He favours an up-close and personal approach to his work, and his aptly titled Eye to Eye, made up of 140 colour plates, captures the essential qualities of various animals. The subjects did not always appreciate posing for him; while making his images Lanting was challenged by African elephants, sniffed at by lions, and shunned by macaws.......
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The book "The Wildlife Photographs" reflects the image of wild animals in their natural environment, captured by the top photographers of the National Geographic Society.
For almost a century National Geographic is pioneering wildlife photography. From 1903 on, when the first photograph of a wild animal appeared in the magazine, the society has been pushing back frontiers on wildlife photography.
The wildlife photographs is not just a portrait of animal diversity on our planet, but also an exploration of the surroundings which forms and protects them.
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 "Despite their size," Reinhard writes, "elephants by no means claim undisputed precedence in all their dealings with other animals.  Yet an elephant that makes room for an annoyingly chiding pair of crested cranes one minute will defend its territory against a curious human the next, and, as Künkel relates, some of the images in this fine suite of photographs were the result of hair-raising negotiations with elephants on their native turf. Few wildlife photographers have worked in such close proximity with their subjects, as he notes in some of the wry autobiographical vignettes that open his book, and Künkel's 120-plus color plates capture elephants in all aspects of their daily lives: eating, bathing, traveling, playing, fighting, and, well, making other elephants......
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