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  Camping Village Panoramico Fiesole met uitzicht op Florence
2013-09-01 Florence
1 september 2013

2013-09-03 Telecom

3 september 2013

2013-08-31 Florence
31 augustus 2013

Piazza Mino, Fiesole


1 september 2013

Fiesole is a town and comune of the province of Florence in the Italian region of Tuscany, on a famously scenic height above Florence, 8 km (5 mi) NE of that city. Fiesole (Etruscan Viesul, Visl, Vipsul) was probably founded in the 9th-8th century BC, as it was an important member of the Etruscan confederacy, as may be seen from the remains of its ancient walls.

Fiesole is een stadje in de Italiaanse regio Toscane. Het behoort tot de provincie Florence. De plaats ligt op een berghelling, uitkijkend over het dal van de Arno en de nabijgelegen stad Florence.
Fiesole was een belangrijke stad van de Etrusken. Na dit volk kwamen de Romeinen, die de stad Faesulae noemden.

Bron: Wikipedia

1 september 2013

Vespa Club Fiesole


1 september 2013
Fiesole Fiesole

The Road Races and the Firenze Ė Fiesole circuit
Since last year, the cycling World Championships develop along a slightly different course. In the past, the beginning of the race already outlined the overall development of the competition; nowadays the races start from a different city and follow a linear track in the opening stages before ending with a series of successive laps of the final circuit. These new characteristics become extraordinarily important during the Toscana2013 Championships, in virtue of the characteristics of the courses, the beauty of the cities and the love that links sport fans to cycling. The Men's Elite competitions will start in Lucca, a city whose walls celebrate this year their 50th anniversary, the Under23 and Elite Women will begin in Montecatini, a location known for its spas, while the Junior Women will depart from Florence. Except for the latter, all other races run through the centre of the city of Florence and arrive at the Mandela Forum, where the final circuit running through Fiesole and ending at the finish line starts.

During the three days of the road races (27th to 29th of September) the circuit will be completed 31 times: 10 times by the Elite Men's category, seven by the U23, 5 by the Junior Men and Elite Women, 4 by the Junior Women.

The Florence-Fiesole circuit is a dream: from the Mandela Forum, the course continues on Via Calatafimi and via San Domenico, from where the climb starts. 4370 metres on a 5,2% to 9% climb lead to the spectacular hairpin turn at the Bivio Maiano, the most challenging moment of the course. From the charming Piazza Mino in Fiesole and its a beautiful view of Florence starts the 5 km descent leading to Via Salviati; these are 600 metres, from km 10,950 to km 11.550, that because of their selective nature make professional cyclists and amateurs laugh or cry, depending on their technical abilities. In fact, the climb is particularly challenging, going from a 10,2% to a 16% declivity! After Via Salviati, racers will have another 5 km left to catch up or to start a final rush before the end of the race.

La salita di Fiesole

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