I, Bertus, remark that English is not my native tongue. So apologies for possible mistakes against your grammar, etc. You might say certain things in a somewhat different way but do understand that - with all my heart - I only wish you to guide you - searchers - and give you as much info as possible.



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PRIVACY-LEGISLATION: see noadres... The Infinite Way is an individual study. Clic on stil-div




"This is NO way to get healthy or rich or wise .. this is only a way to find GOD" as Joel says. clic on gebed (prayer).


The couple


are the founders of the <The Infinite Way> - movement.




For Joel's lifestory, work in Christian Science, "conversion" to The Infinite Way", the development of The Infinite Way, etc. please read Lorraine Sinkler's book: "The Spiritual Journey of Joel S. Goldsmith"

More: see expose ...... Also see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_S._Goldsmith



This time you will notice another book being released “A Parenthesis in Eternity”. This really tells you the entire story of my Spiritual life. Not by telling you anything about Joel, because Joel does not seem to count in that regard. What does count is: what is revealed from within, and that entire unfoldment is given to us in that book........ Listen to Joel:

A student did ask Joel if he could be considered as "a Christian mystic". For Joels reply clic on mysteng

Joels official name is: Joel Sol Goldsmith. As he rose more and more in Spirit his name changed into <Joel>. Click on name for more info.



EMMA's priceless and invaluable contribution to the development of The Infinite Way must never be underestimated. One can read more whilst clicking on emma-eng . What she has done is beyond human understanding. God surely did hold her hands and mind doing all this.



All writings and audioregistrations & the transcripts derived from them are copyrighted as per Law of the U.S.A. and as per International Law by the Convention of Bern also OUTSIDE the U.S.A. (ratified by 179 countries among which your country).

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Unauthorized copying  and spreading around is  prohibited and doing so is an infringement of the copyrights.

Unfortunately  not-authorized and so illegal publications – both in writing and in audio – do circulate on the Internet. I strongly advise you to stay away from this illegal trash and base your study on the authorized and not-altered recordings (from « the Infinite Way Office » and thru Joelgoldsmith streaming)  and writings (Acropolisbooks).

Furthermore do cirulate on Youtube  not-authorized and so illegal taperecordings. With some they offer the opportunity to produce a translation in any language. These are electronic translation – as far as my info goes-. With my 40 years of translation experience I warn you :  electronic translations are never exact, they do not catch the consciousness of the speaker but only translate words. I assure you that translating Joel is NOT only translating words but also between the lines let transpire Joels consciousness, the Spirit  etc. So do NOT base your study on electronic « translations »

How to become both the english and in other languages translated authentic and unaltered works by Joel? Clic on buy .




Title: < Joel Goldsmith, the man and his message>.

This 45 minutes lasting movie has been prepared by John and Sandra *) for details please clic on joelfilm

(Stars like John van Druten, Doris Day, Elvis Presley., etc. did love Joels message)

*) son and daughter of Virginia Stephenson... teacher and practitioner who - like Lorraine Sinkler - has closely studied and cooperated with Joel. More info click on leraren .

A free downloadable TRAILER can be downloaded. for more info clic on subtitgb

The complete movie is only in English. All correspondence with our American friends in english.


Hello, this is Bertus.

I wish you welcome to this homepage of The Infinite Way Holland.

ATTENTION: My new email address is: theinfinitewayholland@outlook.com



Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Bertus Rabe. Callname "Bertus". more see berteng .

Since I am Dutch, English is not my native language. I apologize for any mistakes against your grammar, etc. It may be that you would say certain phrases in a different way, but what follows is only an attempt - with all my my heart - to try to help and guide you further.

contact with me:


telephone & messages & whatsapp : 00 31 6 155 449 22

You may write me in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish.... email: theinfinitewayholland@outlook.com or my gmail account: oneindigewegholland@gmail.com

Internet: http://home.kpn.nl/rabe0018/goldsmith or www.infinitewayholland.tk


Handling the timedifferences:

visit: www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

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Apart from my info hereunder one can also obtain much more info on the teaching of The Infinite Way on the site <learn> of the website: http://www.acropolisbooks.com



In his work Joel refers sometimes to a statement from another teaching and gives his unfoldment on the subject. This does NOT mean that such teaching is part of The Infinite Way. On the contrary.. The Infinite Way is unique Western mysticism with unique principles that cannot be found in other teachings. Bertus is constituting a list of examples of such "excursions". Acropolis has constituted an excellent search-tool. One just types in in the searchbox the item wanted and one gets a review of all the books in which that item is mentioned and read what Joel says about it.

visit: http://www.acropolisbooks.com/search-tool it is only in english.


In this respect please note this. There are those who follow different teachings at the same time and think to be blessed by it. Far from it. Joel stresses on following o n e teaching at the same time. He says it so well.... clic on oneteach .


What is The Infinite Way? For more info clic on eng01

Why is Joels teaching called "The Infinite Way?" For more info clic on eng02

Joel (Emma as well of course) was most integer. For more info clic on eng03

Please mind the timedifferences. visit www.timeanddate.com/worldclock (general); for the city of your choice: www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/search.html

In the 1958 Holland Class Joel did express his appreciation for those who dedicate themselves to break down the languagebarrier. Clic on eng04


many students of the Infinite Way enjoy happy, harmonious and prosperous lives through their study and application of spiritual principles. students, however, be alert not to fall into the trap of ease and comfort in good humanhood. clic on warning


Unfortunately students are not too generous when it comes to Spiritual Matters.

Usually the students seem  not to be able to evaluate the many dedicated work or costs necessary to keep The Infinite Way active and available.  Therefore the expression of gratitude seems to be outdone when it comes to Spiritual Matters.

In fact Joel realized this, as described in excerpts from these two classes... Clic on  nopay  formore info . You will also find Joels opinion interesting regarding to  <tithing> . Clic on tithing



Keukenhof in Lisse / Holland


Joel started always his letters, classes, lectures, etc. with "Dear Friend". Clic on eng05 for more details.


Voc ship 'BATAVIA" moored at Lelystad at the Ijsselmeer


windmills off Kinderdijk.




During 1955 thru 1959 Joel has given various classes in Holland. They are a PERSONAL GIFT by Joel for gratitude that my predecessor-translator - the late Heloise van Brakel-May - was prepared to translate into Dutch the Monthly Letters and so breaking down the language-barrier. Click on nlclass for more.

Unfortunately there are those who dare to make me reproaches and to accuse me of wanting to keep these Holland Classes only for the Dutch students. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those interested can obtain my full defense by email on theinfinitewayholland@outlook.com



I restrict myself in giving you hereunder for you important data. You must contact the people mentioned hereunder yourself for obtaining more information c.q. ordering books, audiocassettes, etc.



FOR I N T E R N A T I O N A L --- C O N T A C T S please click on: contacts

here you will find info on groups worldwide and in Holland, England, France, Germany, Spanish students etc. No doubts there will be more groups but at the moment Bertus has not that information.


The Infinite Way a unique teaching and is totally on its own with unique principles. For more info clic on unique. It is a Western Mystical Teaching that has no connections with other teachings and is being recognised by friend and foe that it is the restatement of the Great Message that has come down to us over the ages through the Great Masters of all times. This Great Message is being given in this age, in these words and presentation and by this name (the infinite Way) by Joel Goldsmith.

Nothing in the Infinite Way is strange, illogical etc. For more info clic on eng06


Some may think that The Infinite Way is `old-fashioned,  obsolete". For more clic on eng07

There may be people exploring "differences" between The Infinite Way and their own teaching. We in the Infinite Way do NOT compare teachings. Click on differgb

We - in The Infinite Way - do NOT discuss, do NOT compare with other teachings, ONLY use The Infinite Way principles. So should you when following this teaching. We - in The Infinite Way - do NOT seek students and do NOT advertise. More on eng08

The Infinite Way is a mystical teaching. What is mysticism?

The true meaning of mysticism is any philosophy or religion that teaches oneness with God. Mysticism reveals the possibility of receiving impartations or guidance directly from God, of communing with God, of being consciously at-one with God, and receiving good from God without any intermediary. And so the teaching of The Infinite Way is a mystical one, because, above all things, its purpose is to achieve oneness with God. *)

*) from the book "Conscious Union With God"chapter XIII "Mysticism")


The Infinite Way is pure mysticism. See: mysticis


In Joel's writings we often read, "Come out from under the law and ascend into Grace" and  like. What does Joel mean by "law"? Clic on wet (law)


In order to judge whether THE INFINITE WAY is your Spiritual Home, please do the test. For further info click on testeng

Click on guide for Joel's directive to study the writings.


Sometimes students ask us to advise them which tapes and books are for beginners, advanced students, ets. What Joel says about that you can read when clicking on beginner


The Infinite Way Message is difficult:

The message is difficult not because of being complex. It is difficult because of its simplicity That is what makes the entire message of The Infinite Way difficult. Joel had the unique capacity to say the deepest Spiritual Truths in the simplest words. Do not be fooled by that!! The Infinite Way is a profound deep Spiritual, Mystical teaching. Never underestimate that!! For more info clic on dificult


Joel teaches us how we should prayer


There is also a page specially for our YOUNGSTERS. Please visit: young or more international youthdiv .

What I did write in the website for the youngsters does also apply on all of you.


For info on the BASIS of The Infinite Way clic on eng09

The Infinite Way is a teaching of turning within, the silence, etc. Click on nodiscus for more info.

Listen also to Joel himself. Click on silence . For its transcription clic on eng10

MEDITATION is the most important issue in the message. In many a book one will find info about it. But WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MEDITATION?

more info on eng11

For those of you who experience difficulties in meditating or cannot be immediately in meditation ...... In the August, 1985 Monthly Letter Joel has made a chapter called "Preparations for Meditation". For more info please click on meditate .


Click on groups to hear Joel explain why he only taught small groups. (1960 Holland Class Side 1).


Click on mantrase for information on "Why NO music in The Infinite Way"


When following The Infinite Way, must I leave my present church? How did Joel feel about the Church, Churchrituals, ceremonies, etc ... ... Please click on churches for more info.

There are those who follow the Spiritual Path but are still a member of the Church - whatever the denomination - and feel frustrated and confused. Joel had a beautiful unfoldment on that .... click on frustrate .


Infinite Way students are not necessarily Bible students. Do not feel that you need to be a Bible expert or scholar to study The Infinite Way. More info clic on:





A "by-product" of our studies is "healing". Is The Infinite Way a substitute of materia medica? Should one abandon medicine when studying The Infinite Way? Etc.Etc. In order to clarify these matters Bertus refers you to: healing




Joel was NO clairvoyant. clic on claireng.


Joel NEVER gave a class prior to meditating and being imbued with the Spirit of God. Otherwise it would be a message from his own human consciousness and that is no power. The message should be from the Consciousness of God... that is power!. So, Joel was being taught at the same moment as he taught the students. For more info clic on leseng .

"If there is a God why is there so much evil, mess in the world?" In an attempt to bring you Light on this subject, please study and practice: room


Joel often uses the Hawaiian word "aloha". How he arrived at that term and its meaning: Click on alohaeng


There are people who study different teachings at the same time. Joel always was fiercely opposed to that stating that such is not good for your Spiritual development and can easily tend to confusion. Read what Joel said about it. Also clic on truth


If you are (being) confronted with a problem - of any kind - uppermost in your mind will be "How can I get rid of this?" and like. And you are tempted to start fighting it. In doing that you will perpetuate the problem whilst giving power to it. The Infinite Way teaches that whatever is confronting you is NO power at all since God IS ALL Power. Furthermore: Joel teaches us to (try to) disregard the situation by DIStracting your attention to it and ATtracting your attention to God ... only God. To help you doing that, is here a very powerful meditation on God , God, ONLY GOD!!!




*) for breaking down a possible language barrier, please click on translat. Do understand that an electronical translation NEVER is exact and does not correctly display what you mean to say, etc.. so be careful with this means.




This homepage is of course devoted only to Joel S. Goldsmith.

However, In the course of the years teachers came along. Joel teaches that we all are states and stages of Conscousness and everyone has to decide for themselves who will be the teacher for him/her. In more classes Joel speaks about it.

I, Bertus, do NOT recommend nor promote any teacher. I only give factual info. What students do with that, is strictly their business. Joel teaches us to pray to be led to one's right teaching and teacher.

I have made a separate website for teachers. More info clic on leraren . (Dutch for "teachers").